Schwinn Men's or Women's Merge Bicycle

Let’s learn more about the warranty

Excellent reviews for the womens at Wayfair
Meijer also has a good review for the Mens

I guess at midnight central time tomorrow this deal will be - I’m really sorry about this - gone with the Schwinn.

You’re not sorry. Haha :slight_smile:

Any idea how this is shipped? How much assembly required?

I have had bikes shipped before. Usually you need to install the wheels, pedals, and handlebars.

USUALLY when we sell bikes, there’s minimal assembly required. But just to be on the safe side, I’ll check with our buyers.

UPDATE: @ktappe is right, it’s just a few things to put together. Our buyers confirmed this too. Hope that helps!

Very heavy bike.

Dimensions: 43’’ H x 25.5’’ W x 70’’ D
Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 43 Inches
Overall Width - Side to Side: 43 Inches
Overall Depth - Front to Back: 70 Inches
Overall ProdPoundsight: 45.5 Pounds

If your inseam is or your height is Look for a…
25" - 27" 4’11" - 5’3" 13" - 15" bike frame (33-38cm)
27" - 29" 5’3" - 5’7" 15" - 17" bike frame (38-43cm)
29" - 31" 5’7" - 5’11" 17" - 19" bike frame (43-48cm)
31" - 33" 5’11" - 6’2" 19" - 21" bike frame (48-53cm)
33" - 35" 6’2" - 6’4" 21" - 23" bike frame (53-58cm)
35" + 6’4" + 23"+ bike frame (58cm +)

Any idea what the color is for the female version? My daughter would likely not be thrilled with the pseudo-masculine blue that is displayed.

It would be a dull red color. … Not sure if that is better.

The women’s color is brown which is even more masculine than the blue. Notice the other thumbnail to the right of the blue image -click it and you will see the womens bike

Some reviews from Amazon and Epinions

Amazon calls it purple. Maybe a very dark brownish purple.

I’ve been eyeing a diamondback bike but it would be easier to impulsively spend $150 than $400. Not sure I’ll ride it. There’s so much traffic here and no useful bike trails.

The men’s bike has an 18" frame, in case anyone is wondering. I didn’t see that information listed anywhere in the deal itself.

Hello I’m 5’7 so will the men’s be a good fit for me for park rides and light exercise bike run? Thanks

For me the 18" frame is way small. My last Schwinn had a 27" frame with 27" wheels. Or by the post above… would need a 23+ frame. Or a supper long saddle post and probable an extended handlebar post as well.

A properly sized bike and saddle height should have a slight break at the knee when the foot on the peddle is in its lowest point.

In my youth, I worked at a couple different bicycle shops for about 3+ years.

Ahhh, thanks. Did not notice that. On my screen, it’s purple. So it must be dull red, brown, or purple. Good enough!

Just in time for winter?

The measurements above are from Schwinn to get a good fit for their touring bikes which is what today’s offer is. Not to be confused with racing bikes which I prefer. I’m 6’1" and would not get anything less than a 22" post because I do not place both feet flat on the ground while sitting and stopped. I am either leaning to the side with a toe touch or I am off the seat while stopped. For this price, which is nothing special, I suggest you go to Walmart and shop. They have a killer 3yr warranty plan too.

A 45lb bike is very heavy. Mens or Womens, I would avoid. Here is a 700c from Walmart and it’s 29lbs and $169

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