Schwinn Recumbent Bike - Your Choice

**Item: **Schwinn Recumbent Bike - Your Choice
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here’s a review on the 250 on amazon. it has a video if you can stand the guy taking pictures in it.

Great reviews on the 250 (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

Some additional info on the 245 can be found over at the product page

Will you burn more calories if you fill the basket with groceries?

Blog reviews of 250
Bowflex store Review

photoshoot PR video of 250

Are these really 117 lbs or is that a typo?
Anyone know how quiet/noisy these are?

I bought the 250, brand new, a few weeks ago locally. This is a solid machine. It’s very sturdy while you’re sitting on it. It is extremely quiet- we use it while watching TV, and we have not had to adjust the TV volume at all.

The bike is light enough to move around yourself, if you need to. The user interface is very intuitve, and we were pedaling away on our custom settings in no time.

My only real complaint is that adjusting the seat is a little difficult to get used to, but even that’s not terrible.

I really can’t reccommend this bike enough. I’ve been very pleased with our purchase.

Most local places have it for $399.

Some Sears outlets have refurbs for $240.

WARNING: These bikes do not actually go anywhere when you pedal them. Don’t be fooled by the name. (that oddly does not have the word ‘stationary’)

The Schwinn site says 117 lbs.

Yes they are rather heavy. They’ve got wheels on one side, so they’re easy enough to move around the floor, but if you plan on taking them up or down stairs, bring a friend.

Also they are very quiet.

Or “Exercise”!
I mean Schwinn is a bike company.
And there are recumbent bikes ('Bents) to be had.
Ooh woot, you’re such a tease.

I got one of these schwinn recumbent 250 bikes and the panel for setting the resistance etc didn’t work at all. My husband finally took the wheel off and discovered that the speed sensor or whatever it is was cracked and won’t stay affixed. I contacted woot by email twice to see if they can replace the part or if we need to contact scwinn. Why should we pay for something that arrived broken? Woot has given me case numbers twice but never responded with a fix. What a disappointment!

I’m so sorry, we’re super backed up on emails but I assure you we’re working on catching up. It’s very likely they will ask you to contact Schwinn, which you should be able to do here.