Schwinn Recumbent Bike - Your Choice

Let’s check out some of the comments from when these were offered in September

Let’s check out the product page for the 225,245 and 250

Recumbent bikes - when you only mostly want to exercise…

I hope these are made better than my Schwinn 240. Within a week of buying it the motor stopped moving the magnet to adjust the pedal difficulty, they sent me a replacement motor, control panel, and cable that goes between them, and the replacements didn’t work either.

And then customer service stopped responding to my emails and they have like a three hour hold to call them so I’ve had half a wall in my living room taken up by a useless piece of junk for a year. (The damn thing died at the lowest tension so it isn’t even worth using without being able to vary the exercise any.)

why don’t they ever show fat people like me riding these?

How will these ship?
I need to know to select an appropriate shipping/delivery address.
Destination is SoCal

They should be shipping just regular (standard shipping). The weight of course will vary depending on the model.

Mine (225) came in on UPS.

Here’s my next quality post!

I bought the 225 not long ago (two or three months). It comes in a very heavy, very bulky box. I used a hand truck and hauled it up the stairs. Luckily I didn’t damage my back.

For those who buy, read this: Open the box before moving it. All of the parts are small enough and light enough to move separately! Take them to the room where it will reside and assemble it there. There is no need to break your back moving the whole box.

Assembly is relatively simple and quick. Plan on a half hour or so.

I ask as there may be wine on the same order, and those go to a FedEx office location.
So, you thinking UPS or FedEx Rogetray?


It doesn’t seem appropriate to call an exercycle a bike.

Sorry for the delay in response there RJ; the answer is FED EX.
I hope this is helpful :smiley: