Of all the designs like this, this one is probably my favorite i’ve ever seen.

And the comments about what’s missing is about to commence.

There’s a little bit of everything in there. Comic legends, Space Cowboys, Time Travelers, Aliens, Robots, and Dinosaurs, too!

Well done!

Awesome shirt. I really love all the small details.

Pff. Furries are sci-fi. Don’t see one in there.

Actually, these days, they really aren’t. I miss the scene 10 years ago when it really ~was~ largely sci-fi influenced, maybe some in-depth fantasy. Nowadays it’s just ‘a thing’ in most stories. Lameness.

Not to be that guy, but aren’t most of the inner drawings miniaturized clip art like items? aka, stuff found elsewhere and plopped onto the shirt?

PS: Sci-fi > Syfy

Shoulda been pluto on the shirt, that would have been Sci-Fi

No, it’s okay because I kinda feel that way too. I mean, on the one hand it is a clever use of the images, but on the other hand I get a clip art/vectored/traced image feel to the whole thing. I like the idea behind the design, just not the execution.

I want to type something witty, but I don’t want to detract from the design’s impressiveness. I’ll just buy my Hoodie and 2 Tees and let them speak for themselves.

I never did like that change. It appears to insult the intelligence that is inherently associated with Science Fiction.

That and it looks ridiculous.

I’m sure I missed a few things, but I really tried to cover as much as I could!! Here’s a slightly larger view for everyone:

Thanks again for the support!! Be sure to let other Sci-fi fans know :slight_smile:

Also it’s not just movies! I see at least one video game in there at first glance. And I don’t mean video game based on a movie. Edit: two

Oh, I’m very tempted to buy even though it’s one of those designs that don’t translate well to shirt comfortably wearable in the boob region.

I got the “READ” design executed with a similar idea, and the design prints so small (on women’s shirts at least) I can’t hardly decipher all the in-letter pictures when I’m wearing it and looking down. This might be one I’ll have to love from afar. It’s one I’d likely snap up on a poster though…

So many happy nerds and geeks today. Myself included.

People used to get really annoyed about it being shortening to Sci Fi.

Great, yet another shirt that will get me in trouble.
Her: Hey creep! My eyes are up here!
Me: I know where your eyes are, I want to see your shirt!

Ah well, such is the life of a nerd.

Man im a sucker for anything with a weyland-yutani or weyland logo.

Really nice man- I am certain I see Johnny 5 and Rick Deckard - I am therefore content…