I find it odd a shirt about sci-fi gay pride wouldn’t have the Normandy on it. More Mass Effect.


What is the third ship?

  1. X wing
  2. Serenity
  3. ???
  4. Millennium Falcon
  5. U.S.S. Enterprise

The third almost looks like the Space Shuttle, but that makes no sense in a shirt that is supposed to be Sci-Fi ships. And why are there two from Star Wars?

Third ship looks more like a fish than anything I recognize.

5: Tardis
6: U.S.S. Enterprise

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I think it’s Chrichton’s shuttle from Farscape.

Or maybe just NASA’s space shuttle.

What the hell is an “Aluminum Falcon?”

From the artist from a similar shirt that has some of the same ships (Fourth of Sci-Fi):

“The top ??? is the space shuttle (sorry, probably cheated by switching from Sci-Fi for that one)”

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Now if only they would let me make the print bigger and put it around the waist/under the right arm. I’d order the zipper hoodie.

Is the middle one Space Ghost’s ship?

X-71 shuttles from Armegeddon. had to look it up.

so yes the space shuttle