I love this sale. I can’t afford this sale. But I love it.

I own a bunch of these already, fabulous sale. :slight_smile:

I love these designs, but Woot needs to make a crew neck tank.

I’ve been watching for ages waiting for an apron that’s “me” and I finally found one! I’ll be thinking of Picard every time I wipe flour on myself now.

In for an orange shirt! WOOOO!

Great tees! You’ve got a wire crossed though with a pic of Sunset but a link to an Expo tee. I hope you do end up putting Sunset in, though. It’s one of my fave Rglee129s even though the robot is kind of stiff looking. (edit: Cool! thanks for fixing that and keeping Sunset available!)

Also, yay for Sci-fi. I just wrote a Sci-Fi comic- it’s set in the future and has computers and robots and jumpsuits.FEEL FREE TO READ IT!

Is the orange shirt really AA? I guess I’ll find out. It says made in America!

This sale is so. very. amazing. I’m hiding this tab from myself to use as a reward for being productive this week :slight_smile:

Interesting comic, just wanted to let you know in the fifth panel in part one it looks like there is a typo. It reads “OK, well, more like her gopher, I guess. Maybe knd of a sidekick?”

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for shirt.woot to put up a theme shirt sale that would have the “60’s Space Girls” in it. I kicked myself for not getting it when originally sold! (Also got the “CENSOR THIS!” shirt, just cause!)

Thanks to learning some ancient Greek, I hear “Sci-fee” when reading this. Feeeeeee!

Sounds pretty cute, actually.

I really wish Forbidden Future was a tee and not a tank

Thanks for reading and thanks for the post. The typo was in earnest because I had to read your post a few before I finally caught it.

Wish I could by the really cute tank top I want. Alas, they don’t make the girl tank in plus sizes. So, I am screwed. Thanks size-ists!

I like the content, but be warned that the colors don’t print well on “60’s Space Girls” with the “Printed to order” shirts. I wish I’d gotten one of the original silkscreens.

I…GOT…IT! originally printed really badly (and made me sad in the process), so hopefully it’s better this time… I still haven’t worn mine because the robot is literally a black blob with some lighter circles. :frowning:

This sale would be so much cooler if the tanks came in Ladies XL. My “attributes” aren’t gonna fit in L. :confused:

I really like the creativity of the title of the event, but the Greek letter ϕ (phi) is pronounced “fee,” not “fie.”

I wish the tanks went bigger too. I only just fit into the new WXL shirts – they’re form-fitting and only worn on days I’m feeling “skinny.” However, I do work out and would love a collection of Woot tanks to wear while doing so.

I also wish your aprons were bigger, but I’m still eyeing the Tea, Earl Grey. Hot Apron. This is my favorite print since Bake it So (which I have as both a shirt and an apron) and it would go nicely with my well-worn copy of The Tea Shirt (another favorite).