Science Always Wins


We can hope

And that’s why you want science on your side.

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Arsenic = As?

DOH! Firing off an email.

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Science does always win, bit in this case, it won by cheating - along with Europium and Arsenic.

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I just sent over a corrected art file to, how embarrassing. Sorry about that!

Is the correction related to Arsenic? I am a science teacher and want this shirt, but my kids would definitely call me on it.

Science is actually, quite often, wrong. The expanding Earth hypothesis, Fleischmann and Pons’s theory of Cold Fusion, The Blank Slate Theory, Marshall Kay’s geosynclinal cycle, even Einstein’s own Static Universe theory – all eventually proven wrong.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Science is always wrong. It never solves a problem without creating ten more.”

You can add the “Theory of Evolution” to this as well! God Bless!

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Science always wins what?

This may be the dumbest woot shirt ever.

Apparently, Science is having to fight the woot comment wars. Strong work Quiet Girl. Congratulations on a witty shirt about something that shouldn’t need to be said, but obviously does.

You’re a troll…

How so? I mean, not to get into a theological debate, but how does this make the comment troll related? Granted I may end up playing chess with a pigeon here, but please clear up this statement. Thanks.

Love the shirt. Wish it was available in other colors.

Anyone bringing up the fact that evolution is “only a theory”, then follows that trope with a tongue-in-cheek religious platitude, is a troll. For one thing, they don’t know what a theory is. For another, they’re obviously creationist, which is as far from scientifically literate as a person can get. In a discussion about science, that makes them a troll.

The shirt doesn’t claim that science is always right. (For one thing, science isn’t a body of knowledge, it’s a process of understanding.) It basically states that nearly every significant improvement in the human condition has been due to science, and every debate that’s ever been resolved between superstition and science has come out in favor of science. It is, without a doubt, our best means at arriving at the objective truth of a thing.

For one thing, science is self-correcting–scientists everywhere spend lifetimes trying to prove each other wrong. The best information persists, and the strongest explanations are developed into theories, such as that of gravity.

The hypotheses listed above as evidence of science’s wrongness demonstrate a missed point: a hypothesis is presented as a test, not a result. Some of the most profound discoveries of science have been “accidents”–disproving hypotheses intended only as a means to discovery.

No other mechanism does this. Certainly not religion, which drags its feet at every turn in a vain attempt to preserve its status quo. Science always wins because it, at its essence, is pure and honest.

Yes yes yes. Science is the study of reality. The study of how things actually work and is the process by which we increase our understanding of our reality. It does not claim to instantly understand all of reality. Ideas are put forth, tested, retested and further understanding arrived at. Sometimes there is a complete misunderstanding of the facts , but science is also the means by which we prove that and discover the truth. Science assumes that it will be wrong and tries to prove itself so and only when it can’t says “hey there might be something here”

Rejecting science is rejecting reality in favor of make believe. Take that any way you want.