Science Always Wins

Gravity is just a theory.
Join me in jumping off this building to disprove it!

Thank you!!
Well Said.

Love This Shirt!
Nearly love this comment more :o)

“You had me at Science”

Unless of course you are Tom Brady vs the NFL…

Like the atom bomb! muahahahah

I’ve noticed that it just says “premium” now. Is it no longer American Apparel?

Correct. American Apparel is no more since it got bought up.

Here’s our announcement.

I’m posting here to report a glitch.

If I didn’t know my way around Shirt Woot fairly well, I would think that this was still the featured shirt of the day, other than the new pricing. At this point in time, when you mouse over the top word “Shirt” in the green tool bar, this is the shirt that you see.

(The second place winner, “Cannon Ball Contest” does show properly in the box at the bottom of the page.)

I’m seeing Cannon Ball in the upper navigation bar in both FF & Chrome.

Clear out your temps/cache?

Oh golly… my computer is the glitch?

I use chrome. I don’t exactly know how to clear my temps/cache, but my husband says he thinks he knows what you mean. Between him and I we’ll give it a try.

(Now the 3rd place Derby winner is showing on the bottom of my screen, but “Science Always Wins” is still on top! I guess it is determined to win… lol :slight_smile: )

I am also seeing what you are, inatangle. If I am on any shirt.woot pages and I click Shirt, at the top, I can still see a preview of my design. However if I am on computers.woot or any other .woot and click Shirt, I see a preview of today’s design. It seems to only be appearing that way on shirt.woot pages.

THANK YOU! I LOVE this evaluation/description/whatever of Science and (with your permission) would LOVE to put it on a shirt, a bumper sticker, a poster, anything else I can (not for profit), because you clearly, succinctly and calmly hit the Science nail on the head and I really think that people beyond woot! comments need to read, understand and share this!

Coming from a long line of scientists and science thinkers, you have made my day!

Brilliant! and Bravo!

P.S. I have always found it “a bit” hypocritical that Science sceptics and Science deniers have NO TROUBLE AT ALL in reaping the benefits of Science: modern medicine, cars, washing machines, electricity, power, cell phones, tvs, computers, air travel, modern construction methods, modern production methods (books, housewares, plastics, etc.)…to name only a few aspects], but scream a blue streak if Science is ever given any credibility.

Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: I haven’t had a chance to try to “fix this” yet… now I’m thinking that it could be a Woot problem. I see what you mean about this shirt showing up at the top, but only on shirt Woot.

I ordered 3 of these for my grandchildren, ages 8, 10 and 13. The oldest boy is very tall and thin, and the other 2 are on the solid side. I purchased a men’s small, a women’s medium and a youth 12, all in “premium”. They arrived today and I’m almost certain they’ll all be too small. The women’s MEDIUM should hang on my pre-adolescent granddaughter, but I’m not sure she’ll be able to get it over her head.

The premium brand in women’s is a smaller fit that’s popular in the garment industry.

Compare the size chart for premium to the standard.