Science Fair Project


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!


very cute, Philip! nice nerdy angle for this one.


I think it’s hilarious, but wouldn’t wear it. =P


not my style but the design is still interesting


Neat shirt, not for me though, sorray.


Good design, however, after ordering the Cho design this past weekend, I think I have too many asphalt tees, especially with summer coming up. But I think this will sell out.


I’d dig this if it wasn’t for the bad look of the biggest part of the graphic. The Ugly Child Head. Ugly Dorky… not cute/cool dorky. Bummer.


Blue Mouse FTW!


nice shirt…dont think its quite my style too bad i missed out on yesturdays…


Hmmm, I do like gray, and I do like science…But more than anything, I enjoy the mice fighting each other with lasers.


Crazy cool design! Reminds me a little of “Meet the Robinsons”. Only this is way better.


Ha! Love the tape repair on the glasses!




Asphalt. Shocking. Simply shocking.

I do like the design, though. I’ll need to think about this one for a while. I’ve about had it with asphalt shirts. American Apparel carries other shades of gray and silver - Woot really needs to discover those. Seriously.


I love it I wish it was a girl like I am :frowning:


Cool… but I’m gonna have to go with the rest of my state and abstain from this one.




What a cute kid, I like how he isn’t colored in, I think that would make him look even more huge on the shirt than he already is. I’m surprised to see another asphalt shirt, but I can’t really picture this on any other color. Congrats to the artist, this is very unique!


Let’s start an ASPHAULT boycott!
An asphault shirt is in the fog however…and will probably be in the top 3…but definately after that!