Science Fair


The cake is a lie…drops mic.

Portal Cake!!! Gimme!!!

I got around to playing Portal late. I had heard about the Liar Cake before playing. So that scene didn’t have nearly the anxiety inducing attack on me that it otherwise might have had. I felt cheated.

Frannie K. Stein, Mad Scientist. My 6 yr old LOVES those books. She makes a small time machine so you can have your cake… and eat it too. It wins the science fair.

I like it. Works as a cute, fun shirt even if Portal graphics aren’t part of your visual vocabulary.

You just KNOW she’s going to make a Po-ta-to battery.

Something tells me this science fair is going to end horribly…

This shirt is more about cake than science.

Absolutely! Where ever there is cake, the rest doesn’t matter. I’ll do whatever is required to get some of that cake.

Actually, I saw “We have cake” before anything else. I realized it was a Portal shirt after I thought it was a cake shirt.

This shirt was a triumph! I’m making a note here - HUGE SUCCESS!

This shirt is a lie! There is no cake!

This shirt was made for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.

Look at me still typing when there’s shirt shopping to do.

OMG, my kid’s science fair project, finished LAST NIGHT, is about WHIPPED CREAM!!! (maybe i’ll be able to post a picture later).

My older kid’s projects were on POPPED CORN one year, and BREAD - uh, i mean YEAST - and she won first and second in the regional science fair with those!! (This year’s entry is the science of cheese making and the melting point of different milks in the making of home made mozzarella.)

Funny thing: she did great, great science. But she is not self-aware and when i asked her why she thought she won she said “I think it’s because we gave out little bags of popcorn.”

So, basically, your shirt is right, and I am expecting another two winners this year.

And next year, I’m gonna have them do cake.

So how are you holding up? Because I’m a potato.

Throw in a pair of high fall boots and I’m sold.

Me like…

This shirt is great! I instantly recognized portal (in the first second) by the color scheme. Fantastic work!

Ironically enough, there isn’t actually any cake on the shirt. “We have cake” is a lie.

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.