Science Rules!

yay!!! AA!!!

Yay for American Apparel blanks! Happy Birthday present for myself.

Beautiful color palette! I love the shades of blue against each other - very appropriate for a design featuring earth.

Congratulations on the print, fishbiscuit! This is a gorgeous design. :slight_smile:

Instant buy for me! Double instant buy since the t-shirt is designed by fishbiscuit5!
Triple instant buy since the blank is on AMERICAN APPAREL!!!

The slogan on this shirt is dumb. Maybe the the designer should have chosen rhetoric instead.

woo hoo, another Fishbisquick print! You 'da man, girl.

Laughable. And yet not ; )


I’m a science teacher. I love promoting science. but this shirt is too obnoxious and condesecnding. You can share your love of science without coming across as a jackass.

the slogan on this shirt is not itself science, so that would be self-consistent

This is my third tee from the science derby. Loved so many of the entries!

I like science, but I don’t like calling everything else dumb. I’m torn.

I’m commenting solely for Nate Silvers first random pop culture reference. Someone should notify him, it’s a momentous occasion.

The shirt is cool, too.

Agreeing with you. I am so disappointed by Woot for selling this shirt. It is offensive for two reasons:

  1. It is calling other subjects dumb. (I have multiple college degrees not only in science–but also in arts.)
  2. It has an implying message as a promotion of atheism. People has the right to believe or choose not to believe in any religion; however, calling other people dumb is off the limit.

As the sole member of a religion I founded just now which is based entirely on calling other people dumb, I find that offensive.

Remember that the community chose this shirt. That’s what the derby is all about. Make sure you vote - every vote counts.

It may help to remember that this is a Double-Take Derby and this design was originally submitted for the Propaganda… FOR SCIENCE derby. It was quite on topic for that derby. There were no comments about any religious intent in any of the comments in the Propaganda derby or this one.

I would like to ask that we not debate any religious meanings of this design as I feel sure that is not what Fishbiscuit had in mind at all.

Thank you!

Does this include junk science? Would you know the difference?

ThunderThighs is quite right. This design was created for the Science Propaganda derby and intended to represent the theme. In no way was this meant to be offensive.

I also hold several degrees and certifications in multiple disciplines and certainly do not believe anything is dumb. As an English teacher, I plan to wear this shirt ironically. I also very much enjoy other subjects especially history because of the propaganda used.

Thank you to the woot community for choosing my design to print! :slight_smile:

I agree that this shirt has all the subtlety of a falling anvil. However, some anvils need to be dropped.

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.”
— Winston Churchill