Scissor Run 5K

Looking sharp ; )

I want this. nudge nudge STAB! STAB!

Cutting edge wit!

On a serious note, one of my friends gets totally offended by the ‘runs with scissors’ jokes. She had a child that was killed, doing that, so I have avoided making jokes about this, on my Facebook page, even though almost everything else is fair game. (Not that I ever talk to her, or anything)

OMG, i really LOL at this one!!
(We did this in high school, actually, to try to be rebels!)

I, OTOH, had an accident involving scissors in my eye when I was a child… but I wasn’t running. Still tempted by this shirt, if only to shock my friends and family.

Woot!, you’re making me break my rule of only getting running shirts by finishing a run. Now I have to go run a scissor 5k.

That’s a skull, right? I’m not just projecting?

I guess I have to run a 5K now so I can wear my shirt, even though it really goes against my policy on running.

Thanks for the support on this one! :slight_smile:

We have a young friend who has cerebral palsy and he has completed two ironman-type challenges at scout camp, never letting his scissor gait or other challenges stand in his way of earning the Eagle Scout rank. This would be an awesome shirt for him! I know that Fishbiscuit5 was probably not thinking of the disAbility community when creating this shirt, but it absolutely works on more than one level. Kudos!

This is not our friend, but he shares the same mindset:


Anyone who runs with scissors deserves a complimentary glitter bomb to go along with their antics.

Every time I think of running with scissors, I picture Frasier Crane (on Cheers) doing just that… cracks me up remembering that scene… “I’m running with scissors!”

Funny design Fishbiscuit, congrats on the print!

I wasn’t thinking of the disability community at the time, but it makes sense. I’m happy my design can be versatile! :slight_smile:

Grats Fishy! The best way to run with scissors is with your hands up, pointing them skyward!

I want to RUN!

If anyone is around to see this on a Sunday, this shirt is coming up “sold out.” I didn’t order mine yet. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, FB, I just saw this- I’ll check in and make sure we get it back for sale ASAP.