ScoopFree Litter Disposable Trays

ScoopFree Litter Disposable Trays

Is this a one pack or multi pack?

Hi, according to the original Amazon listing this is only a one pack.

I’m confused. This would make this more expensive than most places that I can get one tray at. The listing says:
Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 14.6 x 2.4 inches ; 2.2 pounds

In the Box:

  • ScoopFree Blue Crystals Litter Disposable Trays, 4.5-Pounds

So, one tray is 2.2 pounds and the package is 4.5 pounds. It also says “trays” plural. Can you please confirm that this is really the single?

The amazon listings are no help. I think you’re right… it is 1 tray but the issues above are kinda misleading. Good thing I got the multi-packs when you had them!

Yeah it definitely is confusing. I confirmed that it is one tray, I asked our team to clarify this in the listing. Glad you got the multi-packs!