Scootermike's UK Adventure

Let’s try this again, shall we?

In lieu of my posting only five photos at a time, just go here to see the pics

The book of face /phbbbbbth

And do not flag me - this is MY page.


Bookmarked for later. I’ve been thinking, maybe somebody was trying to protect you rather than punish.

Most times folks don’t post that much personal information.

I dunno. Next time I’m on FB I’ll send you a friend request.

Episode 8 GIF by The Simpsons

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I used to work with an ex FBI agent. He had an “interesting” Facebook profile. Lol

I’m a white collar crime investigator for a metropolitan Atlanta county, and before that a drug enforcement agent.

I encourage anyone to try

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I came back from a London adventure recently.
Where are you thinking of going?
*and I took a Woot Monkey with me for few photos. :w_happy1:


We’ve already been to Liverpool, Llandudno, Peterborough, Nottingham, Great Yarmouth, Southwold, and Windermere. Tomorrow (today?) we are going to Dumfries Scotland and then chill monday before heading back home Tuesday