Score what you bought or what you got? (All comments get 💕)

Have you received something close but maybe not exactly what you ordered? Here is my story on a recent mower purchase, feel free to post up your experience (for better or worse) here!!
I tore into my new mower box yesterday cutting the sides of the cardboard down only to find it was not the mower I ordered. It is a mower that requires an extension cord. It’s the same brand but a very different model and it is cheaper. Now the box is pretty much useless and I don’t know how I could return it. I still need a battery operated mower for the season too but that doesn’t really matter as much. Please advise any help is appreciated!


That box looks like it could be taped up…? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I spoke with customer service on the phone they told me to email haven’t heard back on any of the emails yet so started this thread. I guess I could tape the box up.

Customer service is great, but it can sometimes take 24 to 48 hours for an email response (make sure you are checking the email associated with your account).

Or you can tape the box up, and do a self return. To get a pre-paid label:

  1. From Purchase History , click “I Need Help” next to the order which you want to return.
  2. Select “I wanna cancel or return some stuff”.
  3. Select “I want to return the items I ordered”.
  4. Confirm that the item on your screen is what you want to return, by pressing “Continue”.
  5. In the second message of the subsequent monkey chat, you should see this text:

And hey, if your order was placed within the last 30 days, the item price is $20 or more, and it arrived damaged, defective, or missing accessories, you can do a self-service returnby clicking here.

Press the word “Here”.

That should get you the return label .

(I do not work for Woot, just trying to help)

Thanks much! I will hang on and see what they’ll do for me. I’m hoping they can ship the original product I ordered that would be really great! I’m a little reluctant to just do a regular return given that I won’t be returning what is on the invoice and this product that I received mistakenly is not as valuable.

Bait and switch!

That is very rarely the case since woot doesn’t control the inventory they sell.

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Hi, so sorry to hear about the mix up. As other Wooters have stated, it can take 24-48 hours for an email response. Please be sure to check spam/junk folders. If you use an email client like Outlook, try logging into email directly from a browser. There’s another junk folder there. Note that Woot! Customer Service replies to the email address on your Woot! account. Make sure that is accurate. If you still don’t hear anything soon, please let me know.

I checked my Spam and no reply. I get emails in my Gmail daily from Woot and sent the pics etc from that address so I think my email will work. Thanks very much, I will post back up when I have a reply.

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Heard back about this, offered me $40 refund or full return.
The problem is mine to solve I guess, not an ideal scenario.

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I’d make a counteroffer…$80 refund
edit: or some other percentage of purchase.

Time and tape to return it? Priceless

Got another email, same offer but with a “passed this on to a specialist” caviate. Hopefully they specialize in finding a box and driving to UPS for me!! Think I might just call CC company and check on a dispute. :thinking:

No reply now for two days. Guess that’s it…

FYI, here is the latest offer from CS:

Hello there,

The maximum we can offer is 20% on item price, this is system generated and we can’t manually override it.

We can also add a $10 Coupon to your account to use on your next purchase.

​Please let us know which option you prefer so that we can assist you accordingly.

Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.
We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.
Best regards,

So, I have been looking out for a box this size to try to get this sent back, I also started a CC dispute. I sent another message via Amazon this time and in this latest Woot CS back and forth they offered a $60 “special” refund. Unfortunately, that would not even bring the price down to retail on the item they sent me.

Tag one of the regs on here like TT, Dave, Peace, Ben, even the penguin frog… They have magical powers of getting your emails to good customer service reps. Just an :bulb:. That works!


I won free solar lights for my yard and they don’t work and I can’t return it :pleading_face:, so I said TT :frog: then I purchased a beautiful blouse :womans_clothes: and they sent me the wrong size and then told me they were not for sale anymore :ok_hand::infinity::bulb:

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I love to keep up on Woot and try to save a buck or two. Definitely not the most convenient way to do it, in this instance it was not worth it at all.
CS just assumes I will drive out, find/buy a lawnmower box, drive home, fit it in, tape it up, drive back out, lug it into UPS to drop it off. Then we know what the turn around time on a refund is? It really felt to me like it was a sketchy scenario due to COVID, a good bit of hassle and like I was being taken for granted. Not to mention the possibility that they probably knowingly substituted a corded mower for a battery one.
Kind of like Dear Customer we are so sorry but you made the mistake of expecting to receive what you paid for so go ahead and correct it or we will just charge you for something we did not ship.
So I made this thread to see if anyone else has the same experience and share my own view. Likely this is just a freak occurrence but you never know until you ask.