Scosche & Belkin: Together At Last

Might as well call it the Scosch/Belk in Apple accessory sale. Since most of the products are geared exclusively toward Apple products. Oh great, I’m gonna get deleted again aren’t I?

So I just got the red Scosche boomstream speaker and it’s not playing any music. Pretty sure the speaker itself is dead. I paired it to an iPhone 4S and an Android device and got no sound.

The speaker DID however manage to control my device’s music player, so the bluetooth was successful.However, using the 3.5mm aux cable and jack directly to the speaker? No sound.


I’m sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Well, seeing as there are 30 items and only 18 are iDevice-specific, I have to disagree with your statement.

Now you’re making me nervous , I bought both of the white headphones and they’ll arriving anytime now .
First time Scosche&Belkin .

So far it’s been 28+ hours since I reported the problem by email…

The Belkin 2.1A wall charger with rotating plug is awesome. I’ve bought 6 so far. I’m replacing all of my and my SOs chargers with these babies…

They play nicely with each other side by side in a standard power strip and the rotating feature and relatively slim profile allows them to play nicely with most other “wall warts” as well.

The $15 for two is a steal…


You won’t be disappointed; the larger headphones come with a normal aux cord in addition to the tapline remote cord. The tapline works in my Android phone for the microphone, and the pick up calls button. The volume ones won’t work but that wasn’t a big deal for me. I’m loving my new headphones already, I’m excited for you!

I really wanted to purchase the two-pack of Belkin swivel chargers, but with shipping the price is the same as the mothership with prime.
Alas, the slide of woot into mediocrity continues…

So buy TWO 2-packs. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with these and you’ll want to replace all your other USB chargers.

2.1A output is tough to beat… The folding swivel prong is gravy. The blades are non-polarized as well which makes them even more versatile… You don’t have to worry so much about orientation.

Sure the standard Samsung tablet charger is 2.0A and smaller but the plugs don’t retract/fold or swivel. That extra .1 man… It’s like having a guitar amp that goes to 11… When you need just that little bit more to really push your charging over the edge…

I just wish these came in the 12v plug flavor.

Or don’t buy them shrug More for me. These would make great stocking stuffers… Hmm.

HZ8 headset - got this about 2 weeks ago from woot. Pretty happy with it, except for the typical “why do bluetooth everything have to have such a bright blue light!” problem. Sounds good, pairs well w/ MotoX and laptop. Sits nicely around my collar when not using it for calls or tunes. In fact, I usually forget it’s there, and go looking for it! Mic is typically a little ‘distant’ according to colleagues I VOIP chat with, but I’ve been spoiling them w/ a big-cans-over-the-ears-with-boom-mike gaming headset.

I purchased: Scosche RH1056M headphones.

The sound quality seems to be very very good.


  • Mic does not work.
  • Apple-volume adjusting cord does not work with my apple devices - or anything else. (Woot does not advertise this feature, but the paperwork that comes with the headset claims it works)
  • Does not have a volume control on the other non-apple cord.
  • Headset doesn’t expand large enough (top head-rest is small and uncomfortable)
  • Headset ear cups are too small

Suggested for:
If you have a small ears and head, and you want very good quality BASIC headphones, then it’s a good fit.

If you want a gaming headset, or if you have big head/ears, it’s not a good fit.

20 days later… I think I may have finally been a victim of Woots horrible shipping I’ve read about all these years.

No case, no update on tracking, no response from Woot.

Thank god it was at least cheap(ish).

Same here - Woot has gone full craptastic - Woot shipping has become as bad as Amazon shipping, which is worse in the industry !!.