SCOSCHE MAGDM Phone MagicMount for Car

SCOSCHE MAGDM Phone MagicMount for Car

" Strong Magnets

Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are completely mobile device safe."

Hard to imagine something with strong magnets not affecting electronics…

I’ve been using magnet systems like this for holding my phones since the Nexus 6 (then the Note 8, and now my Note 10+) with no issues so far.

If your phone has an 8" floppy drive, information may be lost using this.


The metal plate that I had to insert in my phone case (to be held by the magnets in the base of a similar mount) pretty much blocked NFC and I expect would also hinder wireless charging.

I have been using this model the last 2 years. I have the larger magnet in between my pixel 2 and a soft phone case. The mount hasn’t budged from The dashboard and my phone has never fallen off while driving. It’s so easy and convenient. I will never go back to any other car holder. Getting another for my girlfriend’s car.
I do not use wireless charging so I don’t know how that would be affected.

Weird that it affected your NFC as all three of my phones (Nexus 6 with Google pay, and the two Samsungs with both Google/Samsung pay) have worked fine with the plate attached to either the phone or the back of which ever case I was using at the moment.

The wireless charging didn’t work on any of them but the trade off was worth it to me for the convenience of quick attachment/detachment from the car/truck.

BEWARE. Does NOT stick to dash, at all. I bought two of these. Cleaned area prior to install. Both fell off , repeatedly, on the first day. I wonder if these are old stock and the tape has lost effectiveness. Very disappointed