Scosche MagicMount PowerBank - 1 or 2

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Scosche MagicMount PowerBank - 1 or 2
Price: $19.99 - 29.99
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Based on the pictures, this is the Amazon page for it.

35.87$, 3.5 stars, although only 3 reviews. Two 5 star and one ‘it exploded’.

Note that it requires you to attach a metal plate to the back of your phone, either sticky or between the phone and case, for it to hold on with the ‘magic mount’. This will interfere with wireless charging, if you use that. Without that, it’s just a power bank.

USB C and we’d be talking. I have several of these and they’re great. Just don’t have many more Micro USB devices left in my life now.

Would this work as a refrigerator magnet?

Will this charge an iPhone or do I need a different cable?

Different cable than what iPhones use

Would the little lightning adapter work on this unit?

Post is pretty misleading as all the phones pictured are iPhones…