Scott Harvey 1869 Old Vine Zinfandel (2)

All the big guns coming out today!

I was just thinking the same.

So, 2015. Drink now, hold, or both?

No no no no no! Arrgh!

SWMBO ain’t gonna like this…

Better deal than club pricing…and then throw shipping in on top of that…hard to say no

True, but still…ouch! Inflation!

Edit - not actually true. List is $49/bottle right now. Club discount at 20% yields $39.20/bottle. So this is club price with free shipping.

Just looked this up as well, then saw your post.

Yup. WD did it a bit better than club; as expected, based on past history.

it was not easy, let me tell you.

In for a couple.
Need to find a storage facility up your way.
Bulging down here.

Can anyone offer any advice on this with a drinking window? I’m a fan of most everything Scott Harvey, but I’m not too knowledgeable about zin— how does this differ from his other Amador zins?

What’s club?

Edit: never mind. figured it out

My holy grail of woot buys. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Was thinking if the Spaniard earlier but knew I should hold out a little longer.

quit griping about price, just think how hard it was for Scott to pick briars, figs, pomegranates, and especially violets!!! I didn’t list blackberries since those are like pickin’ grapes!!! Happy Black Friday to all of us WD Minions!!!

Darn, I was driving through the mountains with no reception when this was up. Maybe I can call them to get the deal.

And for that reason (and the fact that Scott & Jana were so kind to have us to their home for a tasting on our first Napa/Sonoma trip) we had to get some!

Give us call. 707 968-9575. We’ll honor the same deal.