Scott Harvey 2007 1869 1.5L Magnum

Scott Harvey 2007 1869 1.5L Magnum
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PRODUCT: 1 Scott Harvey 2007 1869 Zinfandel 1.5L Magnum
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Do want!

C’mon…I would have been all over this if it were a standard size that fit in any of my racks.

Oh well.

Bring on more wine!!!

It is, of course, amazing. Full of spice, but still light and complex. This is a bottle for when you have a few friends over and are going to get a bit drunk in mild luxury. It’s a wine that it is always a genuine pleasure to serve.

Not sold on the tiny bit of “port” blended with this. Would have to 'rat this someday to be sold. Gotta love the mag though!

This is a beautiful bottle that kind of gives me chills just looking at the magnum version. I’ve got two 750s in my cellar, yet I’ve yet to try one. Almost too pretty to open.

Maybe I’ll buy the magnum and display it as artwork so I can drink my 750s. :slight_smile:

CT average 95+, SH, magnum…
In for two! Gonna need that second job I got.

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Looks like this is going fast enough that it doesn’t need the nudge, but I had the pleasure of tasting some of this with Scott and Jana recently and it’s quite nice. Complex, balanced and It will be interesting to see how it ages in the magnums.

Edit: ah, screw it, in for one more.

Last call already! This Woot-off is getting rolling in style.

And hey, 108th wine woot and my first sellout!

Missed it in 18min

some of a biotch missed it :frowning:

Boy, this went fast. Didn’t even get a chance make any posts.