Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator - 4 Pack

I haven’t opened a bottle from the last offer yet - should I buy more anyway???

Trying for first sucker…

edit: if any of the locals want to split, let me know. :slight_smile:

edit^2: I also believe this is my first Scott Harvey buy…

I would buy more, but I think I still have 6 bottles of this in my basement.

Plus a SH Riesling and a barbera and I think maybe one of the 2006 inzins.

haha! Oh wait, if this question isn’t rhetorical, then yes. Scott Harvey is an auto buy.

I want. I want bad. What’s more important - buying an anniversary present or buying myself some lovely wine?

Just received my wine club shipment of this yesterday and promptly cracked open a bottle. This stuff is gorgeous - fully dry, with black cherries and dark fruits on the nose, black pepper, chocolate, and plum on the palate, and a lingering finish of vanilla and spice. Goes down easy, with very little air time required.

Argh, curses for not having room for more bottles. That’s still a great price.

The port in this wine really stands out and sweetens this wine up. It’s certainly a different sort of Zin mix, so if you haven’t tried it and confirmed you like it, I’d probably hold off on buying more.

Can someone tell me how this compares to the 2006? I really think highly of Mr. Harvey and his participation on this board, but man oh man that 2006 just wasn’t drinkable. I still have half a dozen bottles collecting dust.

Is the 2007 as over-the-top?

Nope, this is much more like the 2004 vintage.

No Missouri?! Booooooo

why is Missouri not on the list of states?

Yup. I just wasn’t really a huge fan.

I have stayed away from this entire bloody woot off, but yeah Scott Harvey = auto buy.

Now to decide on 1 or 2. :smiley:

2nd… er 3rd

Again, only available in 21 states. Unavailable in 29 states. Bummer… NH & VT are not included. I sent order from last offering to my brother in MN, good for him!

I dunno - I’ve had two bottles of this now. I really don’t know much about wine, but there’s a sweetness in the finish that just puts me off. Having gone back and reread some of the forum posts, this appears to be due to a higher-than-average residual sugar:

Maybe that’s from the port that was blended in? In the past, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I prefer my reds dry, so I suppose this was a useful learning experience. That said, the remaining two bottles have been moved to the “housewarming gift” shelf.

OK I’m in for one… this sounds yummy. Still looking for labrat volunteers? I’m available and willing!

Am I in some kind of time warp? There are two responses to my previous post that are listed as being written at earlier times than the original post. Strange…