Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator - 4 Pack

Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 InZINerator
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Ohhhhh… Very tempting!

Scott Harvey = autobuy.

It kills me that so many woot favorites don’t ship to NH!

Told ya’


On the website, this is $18/ bottle ($15 in shipping) and $127 per case ($47 shipping).

NOOOOOOO!!! I HATE YOU WD… I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU. Please sell out soon before I cave and buy some of this

How does this compare to the Chronicle Russian River Zin?

This is my kinda wine…(wine for superhero)

Oh, woot, must you tempt me so?

I already have I think 5 bottles in the wine rack.

Why are some wines ok to ship to Missouri, but this one isn’t?

Fresh out with exception of a magnum…In for 1.

I know. If it makes us feel any better, I just counted the states that this offer does ship to as - 21 - that’s less than half of the entire US…really takes the fun out of W.W! =(

No NC, this would have been nice

My box of this is resting quietly in the closet,waiting to age appropriately. In the meantime, I have my Pedroncelli to comfort me.

Subtotal: $72.00
Shipping: $28.00
Sales Tax: $5.83
Total: $105.83

For 4 bottles shipped to Colorado from their website.
That’s about 1/2 off!

Comes up at $10 a bottle on wine search. Ouch…

Is this the overly sweet vintage? I see it’s 6% port.

Well I’m closing in on that little black square and why not inch closer with this marvey offering? I still have a few bottles from the last time and I’m tickled to see Scott chime in here and there on other offerings! I’ve been a really good girl since the last woot! off, but have totally caved over the last two days. Ah well, I’ve got another month (at least) to recover until the next woot! off.