Scott Harvey 2008 1869 1.5L Magnum

Scott Harvey 2008 1869 1.5L Magnum
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Scott Harvey 2008 1869 1.5L Magnum
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omg…I want to, I really do.

Love the 1869!

Took less than a minute to give in…geez.

Why are you doing this to me when payday is next week? WHY?!

Seriously?! I think WD took notice of people’s kvetching last woot-off so he’s stocked this one with all our favourites. This is both particularly excellent and particularly evil :tongue: We’ve been waiting for Vineyard 1869 for ages here!

Don’t know yet if the magnum makes sense for me. Hmmm…more fence sitting for me!

EDIT: This makes me think some Victory Reserve or Kronos might make an appearance…

Still not sold on that tiny addition of “Port” to the Zin. The Magnum format kind of sways me though :slight_smile:

In for 1!

How long is this going to hold? I am really tempted to purchase one of these for some really special occasion. But those may not present themselves for a decade or more…

Scott seems to add tiny bits of port to almost all his wines. At 0.5% it won’t leave any perceptible sugar but will round things out a bit. The InZinerator gets more like 6%, Mountain Selection (iirc) about 2%, and the Reserves/1869 much less than that. I know Scott is going for a particular style in each of these and I trust him to not ruin that by adding too much port to his 1869.

Was thinking about it, but no love for NC

They don’t usually break out new offerings during wootoffs do they?

This is a fun one so far.

Scott Harvey Zin = autobuy.

We picked up a bottle of this at Scott’s Sutter Creek tasting room last Easter. The price for this magnum isn’t much more than what we paid for the regular-sized bottle!

Fantastic wine, worth the $ IMO. Now I’ll just need an occasion to open a magnum!

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice.

It’s Tuesday, that’s good enough for me!

Man and I said I wouldn’t buy anymore…I can’t believe I have to pass ;_;

Starting a new job next week. Sound like a great occasion to open a bottle. :slight_smile:

I’m in! Amazingly, the website is not blocked from work anymore??? Guess I’m not going to complain. :happy:

I don’t have specific tasting notes for this, but I broke out a bottle (not sure if it was this vintage or not, check my CT if you’re really interested). It was very subtle but distinguished, not a huge fruit bomb like many zins. It was very easy to drink and went down rather smoothly. Can’t recommend a food to pair with, maybe something hardy but not spicy like a beef stew or something like that.