Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator - 3 Pack

Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator
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LOVED the '07 but I doubt the '08 can be as spectacularly good. Considering that and my current overstock of wine…gonna have to pass. :frowning:

Fine, woot, you want my money you got it, but I cannot pass up the Inzinerator, even if its not the 2006 Inzin. So the question is when can we expect this?

What is the appellation?

Peter Wellington, Woot Cellars, Ty Caton, Brandini, Scott Harvey - it’s starting to look like wine.woot’s Greatest Hits around here!

WOOOT! Got first sucker at least for now

I can’t resist so I’m in for 1.

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If I didn’t still have three magnums of the 2007 I’d be all over this :slight_smile:

It’s very good, albeit definitely not a purist Zin (goes great with a Montecristo No. 2 :slight_smile:

I really like most of Scott’s wines but I bought the 2006 inZinerator and it was way too sweet for my taste. This looks like it has a little less RS (1% here vs 2% on the 2006) so it might be a bit better but still not for me. I still have 4 bottles of the 2006 I haven’t been able to give away.

You’re right. And it’s the one time I’m on a no kidding, Wine.Woot sabatical. I’ve been a good boy so far. I even passed up the Adequate Gift a couple days ago, so my resilience is strong.

California, I think. It’s a blend of a few things… this is his superior “fun” wine for the mass market, with some residual sugar Not a purists’ wine, but it’s fun with barbecues and the like. popular end of the market, with great fruit and some balance.

Where are you? I have been trying to find more of the 06. His 2007 and 2008 have been very different and more traditional zin characteristic and less sweet, so you might like this.

Thank you!
10g/L might be a bit much for me, although it’s a good price…
(I am up on Spring Mountain just above St Helena: I wonder if Scott would give a sample if I drive down…)

Everytime this comes up, I go to buy it. Everytime, I remember why I don’t get it…no shipping to NC. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!! Keep 'em coming Woot!

In for two. Now I don’t feel so bad about brining my last bottle of this from a previous Woot with me to share with my co-workers on a project in Arkansas. Oh yes and brought the 1869 Magnum with this week, so I might need another one of those too.:smiley:

Looking to get a decent wine for a gift, do you guys think this is worth it? I know the person I am buying for love Shiraz, does this one compare to that at all (know nothing of wine if you couldnt tell :))

Make some friends with fellow wooters, or I think in the past Scott was able to ship to some states that were not on the list, but you have to call the winery for that

St Petersburg, FL.

I know he toned down the later releases based on feedback of the 2006 being too sweet, I still think 1% RS is higher than what I prefer. I jumped in blind without fully reading the description when I bought the 2006 because I had just bought some Scott Harvey wines I loved (including the Amador County Zin, which I think was listed as <.4% RS).