Scott Harvey 3 Region Riesling - Three Pack

Scott Harvey 3 Region Riesling - Three Pack
$44.99 + $5
Condition: White
1 2007 Scott Harvey Riesling Mendocino County
1 2008 Jana Napa Valley Riesling Old Vine
1 2007 Jana Leelanau Peninsula Riesling Michigan
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Aww, a Michigan wine! Woot!

I know Scott Harvey is an AZ ship to state - I’ve bought here on woot and direct from the winery. Please will someone update the ship to list?


Like those pHs! That’s some mouthwatering good acidity there. With the RS these look balanced, from a numerical standpoint.

Exactly why I purchased one… well, and it’s Scott Harvey, and Rieslings… also entertained by the description, since I’m seeing A Prairie Home Companion in Detroit on Saturday!

Man. This is going to be hard to resist. I’ve been wanting to get into Riesling more and the regional tasting (a super horizontal?) is really tempting… damnit. Someone convince me.

Strike one (as in three strikes and I’m out $50 and in 3 bottles of SH wine). :happy:

FINALLY! Riesling! I’ve been waiting for Woot to post Reisling to purchase for the longest time…

How about this: “Unless you happen to live in another wine country, how likely are you to taste regional wines that often, that are so highly reccomended at such a great price?”

For me however…this won’t work. :slight_smile: (Lucky me I have some other Wines on my rack that need drinking.)

I’m no chemist, but those pHs look really, really low. Will these dissolve metal?

Riesling, yay!
in for one.
i can haz labrat?

In for one. Some of us had an awesome time with Jana and Bill this weekend at the Harvey house, they are wonderful hosts and we tried a lot of their wines. Everything they make is delicious. I’d try to be more specific but asking me to pick anything out about that night would be a bit blurry, except for the baby bourbon barrel tasting, my tongue might still be recovering from that one :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the 2007 Jana Leelanau Peninsula Riesling Michigan on Thursday and enjoyed it. It was a bit different than CA Rieslings. More like a Finger Lakes, NY Riesling which makes sense. Nice fruit, a little floral, hint of sweetness, great acidity, and low 10.5% alcohol. Great food wine.
I will be opening the 2008 Jana Napa Valley Riesling Old Vine tonight and report back.

Why is NY on the no-ship list? I have never encountered this. I DEMAND ANSWERS, Woot.

Yay acid!!! Who’s with me? I know HAK and Sparky are… damn hippies. :tongue:

I am in for a set as well.

NY is there.


I love bourbon! I’m not a big fan of reisling but I would love to try some bourbon.

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Guess I have to be in for 1 - since two of the bottles have my name on them!