Scott Harvey 3 Region Riesling - Three Pack

ahhh finally some wine and they don’t ship to WV :frowning:

First-time First Sucker!

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I’m in I heard this was very good


If there was ever wine for $30 or less, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Riesling is my favorite too. I just don’t like the idea of spending $40 - $60 for a shipment of wine…especially when it can easily break in shipping.

Feb offering

Breakage during shipping is a rare occurance.

I officially earn my black box status with this purchase.

I missed these last time, but got to taste a friend’s. They were excellent!

You apparently haven’t seen how Woot ships wine. It’s pretty safe in a box with specialized cardboard to protect the goods.

That said, if you like a sweet Riesling, this woot is not for you. Wife and I ordered it back when it was originally offered, they are all MUCH dryer offerings and we are not huge fans. I should’ve read the notes more carefully… We like our wines like alcoholic grape juice. :wink:

I was in for one on the last offering and will be in for 2 on this one (first time in for more than one). I am more of a red wine fan and typically do not prefer rieslings. That being said, I bought last time because my girlfriend loves rieslings, and really enjoyed both of the Jana bottles. We haven’t cracked open the Scott Harvey bottle yet, but am excited to try it.

Scott Harvey 3 Region Riesling - Three Pack
$44.99 + $5
Condition: White
1 2007 Scott Harvey Riesling Mendocino County
1 2008 Jana Napa Valley Riesling Old Vine
1 2007 Jana Leelanau Peninsula Riesling Michigan
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Winery website

JWhite’s previous spreadsheet

I totally agree with this, which is probably why I liked the wine so much. Both Jana’s were certainly dryer than any other riesling I had tried, and I thought had much more flavor as well.

From the FAQ:

After looking at my last MC bill with several wine clubs sending their March/April shipments, I sort of wish that I never discovered wine shipping . . . .But, then again, my life would be an empty void of a dried out husk without my vino!

PS – never had a bottle break in shipment – I know it can happen, but I even reuse my shipping packages by taking them back to CA and “refilling” them at the wineries.

Though an unnecessary echo, I’ve purchased wine 17 times and have never had a problem with breakage. I don’t even think I’ve ever had a slightly damaged cardboard shipping box even.

Don’t be afraid to woot the wine!

Total swill! Don’t drink this! No matter what you do!

(Especially because then all my friends will have time to get to their computers and buy it as I frantically call them all and say “No, you have to go buy this, it is the best wine I have ever had.”)


I missed this the last time it was up (don’t ask), and I’ve been praying for it to show up in a Woot-off ever since. I’ve had the Napa and Mendocino, and both are, in my opinion, excellent.

Others have already noted this in the original thread, but these wines are well-made dry Rieslings. Light, crisp, and with good acidity. I a bit of a Riesling enthusiast, and, while I like the sweet ones as well, good dry examples tend to be hard to come by.

As I mentioned, I haven’t tried the Michigan yet, but I’m looking forward to it. For any fence-sitters out there who aren’t sure about this varietal, I’ll just point out that, at worst, Riesling is still one of the best food wines on the planet (it goes with damned near everything, and is amazing with really spicy stuff). I personally think it’s one of the best “Summer” wines. It’s great at BBQ’s, and I like it a lot chilled down as a “lake wine.”

In for three! :slight_smile:

I hate to be a naysayer (okay, if I’m being honest, I don’t really hate to be a naysayer, but that seemed like a pretty good way to start the post), but I think Riesling that doesn’t come from Germany, Austria or France isn’t worth the time. I am not an Old-world wine snob (I prefer Oregon or NZ Pinot to most Burgundies) - I just don’t think domestic Rieslings are very good.

Okay - lecture over. I may be wrong, but I don’t feel wrong.

We rats should be here.

Having now tasted all three, I would say that they are all very delicious and well made, but for fans of a slightly sweeter Riesling, they may be a bit subtle. This has led to some disappointment on the home front. (Have not yet broken the news that I ordered 2 sets!)

For my part, still looking forward to revisiting the Leelanau. I really enjoyed it.