Scott Harvey 3L Old Vine Reserve Zin

You can get this for under $20 for a regular bottle… this is a rip off price.

Could you post a link for that? I see the winery’s asking $35/bottle. So $140 for 3L, plus shipping of course.

If you’ve found a cheaper source, please share with the rest of the class!

Oh and for the record, since we don’t have a Cesare for these side sales:

Hand-bottled in small quantities, with the ability to cellar for up to twice as long, large format wines are generally more expensive than their regular sized counterparts so it is not really fair to do a “ml to ml” price comparison.

Plus, what InFrom said…

You’re looking at a different Zinfandel. Comparing apples to oranges.

Trolls never share information, because they don’t have any.

True that! I can’t decide whether this person really meant to troll us, or was just a cynic who didn’t read closely enough and thought they’d caught wine.woot in a “gotcha”. I’m leaning toward the latter.

I’m inclined to think a little bit of both. Didn’t read closely enough to differentiate one Scott Harvey Zin from another. The troll part was calling it a ripoff.

First ever post from an account that was created over 6 years ago. Weird…

It’s been buildng and building, but this was the last straw!

lurking for just the right chance to pounce.

Up till now, everything’s been OK.