Scott Harvey Amador County Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Amador County Barbera 5-Pack
$76.99 $̶1̶2̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 40% off List Price
2010 Barbera, Mountain Selection, Amador County
CT link above

Great stuff - if you didn’t get it last time, get it now. If you did, get more.

In for one. I am a sucker for cola notes! Besides, we just moved and our wine stock needs replenishing.

Listen to rpm!

WW sure pulled out all of the heavy hitter for this woot: Scott Harvey, Stillman Brown, Raised by Wolves, McClean, Peter Wellington, Lang, and Iron Horse, to name a few. Nicely done. Is there a Corison in the mix as well?

For the Whiney/Lazy New Yorkers who insist on being spoon-fed information:


I didn’t read the whole thing, I am not a New Yorker, but this is what we (read as Wooters) believe is the New York issue. This is not new legislation, but it appears that recent interpretations of this law may currently be affecting Wine.Woots ability to sell wine to New York. We suspect that until they can get a suitable interpretation/determination that would clear them of any potential liability, there will be no shipments of wine to New York.

Once again, this is what we as Wooters believe to be the issue, and nothing official has been said from Woot or WD regarding this matter, other than they are working on it.

Got it? Now get over it.

Now, are we sure this is the 2010 this time?

And exactly ZERO of those were actually new offers. Great lineup, but no excitement.

For those that wanted to restock, it worked well. For those not familiar with these wineries, a great opportunity to try them. I tend to look at the glass (of wine) being half full.

If Corison shows-up this will be my single most expensive winewootoff ever… I’m 3 cases and >$500 in. And that is before I pull the trigger on this offering.

Ron: you want to split this one?

Great to be back on woot. Sorry I missed yesterday. We have started harvest picking the Pinot for sparkling wine and Rose. This is the right Barbera and correct vintage.

If he doesn’t, I will.

Are you making sparkling wine again?

I’ve got eight and a mag already…
Go Merbill!

Soooo glad I caught this offer this time around! :slight_smile: