Scott Harvey Amador County Reserve Barbera (4)

Scott Harvey Amador County Reserve Barbera 4-Pack
$79.99 $160.00 50% off List Price
2013 Scott Harvey J&S Reserve Barbera, Amador County

I BEAT MILL! :slight_smile:

Love Scott’s reserve Barbera, especially at this price. Thanks Scott & WD!

I just recently had a 2007 Mountain Selection Barbera and it was outstanding. After reading these notes from a previous offer of an older vintage…

I’m tempted to go in for 3 orders of this offer. My debit card is trying to convince me otherwise though.

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I’m off to pound my head against the wall until someone changes that %@$#% restriction…

but… I have rcvd several wine Woots recently… why only this one is not able to ship to GA?

If you call the winery they will hook you up. Living in GA this is what I do for Scott’s amazing juice.

You’re absolutely correct, the Mountain Selection Barbera is outstanding. But if there’s a better one, it’s the J&S Reserve Barbera. This is nectar of the Gods.

Last Wooter to Woot:

The mountain selection is very good but the Reserve is outstanding.
Thank you Scott & WD for this!

In for one, Colorado lit up!

No shipping to WA state??? What is up with that??? I have NEVER had a winery NOT ship to WA.

Boooo! No Georgia! Calling the winery today.

Hi Wooters,
This is a good day to have the Reserve Barbera on. We are harvesting the Toy vineyard today and the Manby vineyard Barbera tomorrow. Both these vineyards are what make up this 2013 Reserve. This year’s harvest looks to produce a wine as good as the 2013. This year like the 2013 is producing full flavorful wines with lots of color and ripe flavors.
If your state does not come up on the ship to list, give us a call at the winery, 707 968-9575. We’ll take care of you.

Blinking button already?

Ouch, it was in my shopping cart but got sold out by the time I placed the order. Any chance there will be more later today?

Call the winery.

Wow had it up had to take a call went to buy and it was gone!

DAMN! can’t believe I missed this.

RATS!..hoping for a re-up of 2012 reserve barbara!!

stay tuned. More scott Harvey love coming.