Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah (5)

Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah 5-Pack
$74.99 $̶1̶2̶7̶.̶0̶0̶ 41% off List Price
2011 Scott Harvey Syrah Mountain Selection, Amador County
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Of course I’m going to get this, why would you even ask or assume otherwise?

SH Syrah and Barbera; autobuy.
Well, there are others too. This sounds like a good one, and I don’t recall any disappointing in the past.

Can’t even imaging why the CT review would open this baby, especially with the added PS.

Dang…at $18-ish/bottle delivered I could give one to merbill and keep 4. Hmmm…I would also be happy to split with others. This is one I’d like to try, of course. So yeah…SoCal folks who want to split, let me know. I’ll check back in the morning.

Scott…looks like you had to search far and wide to get your neighbour’s PS :slight_smile: Well done!

Oooh Idaho is lit up! Finally getting on the SH train.

Last wooter to woot: silent7seven

This specific wine opened up the world of reds for me.

If you can do it without feeling guilty go in for 3 and have your wife create an account and go in for 3.

Thanks Woot for this great sale offering and Scott for making this delicious Syrah.

Darn you WD! Darn you to Heck! :wink:

In for a set.

Edit: I suppose I should have read Klez’s post before ordering. But then again, now I don’t have to share with him. :tongue:

So how long do you think this needs to lay down? Interested in trying this, but long term storage is an issue I have yet to resolve.

I would actually be very interested in Scott’s thoughts on this. They very well be in the vinters voicemail, but I am at work and my headset needs charged, so I can’t listen to it yet.

I think the Petit Sirah is new for this wine, or at least in that quantity. With that said, Scott generally doesn’t release his wines before they are drinkable (this might be a pre-release offering though?), but I would think this one may require a decent decant right now.

(EDIT: VV does note that this is the first time he has added PS to the Syrah. Also this is available on his website, so not a prelease).

The rest of the numbers on this look good. I am a little surprised that the alcohol is 14.5% (EDIT: after listening to the VV, 14.5% is very normal for Scott’s wine), that seems high for Scott’s wines, but maybe my memory is just bad?

I am actually really looking forward to this one based on the numbers and the varietal composition. Add in that Scott is the winemaker and you can’t really go wrong here.

All right, everyone’s effusive comments have won me over…

Plus, I love SH, my wife loves Syrah, and I have a deep, abiding passion for PS. This is going to be $80 well spent.

This really looks like a great deal. Scott has this for $22/bottle on his site right now.

It does say it can be enjoyed now through 2021. Here’s the description from his site:

Varietal mouth filling creamy texture with big red berry and cherry fruit. Aromas of blackberry, cedar, blueberry and sweet light oak introduce fresh, bright, spicy flavors of the same, laced with firm tannins that carry through the long finish. Enjoy now through 2021

Hopefully Scott will make an appearance today, and if so: how does this new release compare to the 2006? Just so happens that we opened a bottle two nights ago and it was lovely immediately out of the bottle; even better last night with potato leek soup on a chilly SF night. Same blend of grapes, etc? Thanks!

2006 Syrah Mountain Selection:

•100% grown in mountainous Syrah Vineyards of Amador County
•Blend: 94% Syrah, 6% Mixed Ports
•Cases Produced: 1,780 cases of 12/750ml
•Alcohol: 14.5%
•pH: 3.65
•Total Acid: .57
•RS <.5% dry

This 2011 is 86% syrah and 14% Petit Sirah, so no, not the same blend. Alcohol is the same, pH is basically the same and the 2006 had slightly more RS (because of the Port) but both are still dry.

I have no room in my cellar, so of course I’m in for one. :slight_smile:

Ah, but the pH makes a difference! IIRC, Scott has mentioned that pH less than 3.6 is more Old World style and food friendly. Whereas pH greater than 3.7 is more New World and is better without food.

The 2006 you mentioned was 3.65 pH, so I was going to ask about it (since it’s right in the middle), but this one is listed at 3.55 pH, so it’s more Old World and food friendly.

Or did I reverse those two, Scott?

I haven’t noticed any high alcohol on Scott’s wines, like I have on others. Mostly because I’ve found Scott’s wines to be well balanced.

Also, don’t let the PS throw you here. PS has been used for blending in years past to add oomph to wines, and it’s only been probably the last 10 to 15 years that it’s gaining cult status.

So there shouldn’t be a great need to decant this due to the PS. I might open it 10 to 15 minutes prior, but since patience is a virtue, it’ll be a pop 'n pour!

Well welcome to NH, Scott! I have wanted to get your wines since I first started on wine woot. Almost everyone has nothing but wonderful things to say about how your wines are so good. And now you are finally in New England. Thanks for taking out the license!

Room? What is this Room you speak of? :wink:

Still no Maryland. :frowning:

The 2006 is also 14.5%.

EDIT: nevermind… just saw your notes, and thanks for researching!