Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah (5)

Anyone in the Twin Cities area want to split this?

Well, I could just take two from you and call that good. Or I go with my original plan. Or somebody else PM’s or emails me to split. Looks like we’re not in sellout danger just yet, so there’s some time.

I suppose I could sell you two. :wink:

Always great to be back on Woot. Hi, everyone!
I would lay this down for 6 months before opening it. It is a full bodied Syrah made in the old world style. It was bottled the 9th of May and still a little closed. It should be a 12 year wine with its best drinking window from 2015 to 2020.

Likely yours, the one you walk into, that huge, cold, nearly full one you walk into.

I recently opened a bottle for my visiting family. And I did decant it to give it a little air which brought it around more quickly.

This is really tempting. I can’t, though. I hope to see this in a month or two during a woot off. As always, thanks for being part of our community, Scott!

The 2006 is a little softer and rounder having more bottle age. The 2011 vintage is a earthier with the Petite Sirah and a lot younger. Not as ripe as the 2006 with 2011 being a colder vintage.

I was wondering if anyone is in/around the Berkeley Area that is welling to let me take 2 from them :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thank you Scott Harvey😄 In for one.

Please suggest some dishes to serve this with in 2015?

We have so much fun selling wine on Woot that we have made a conscience decision to try and register in as many states as possible.

Thanks, Scott. What with me being the PS fan and my wife the SH Syrah fan + our anniversary in two weeks = autobuy!

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Last night I served it with a three day marinated home grown Tri tip. I buy my beef on the hoof from a kid I went to high school with. The marinate was olive oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt and pepper, garlic, dried onions, red peppers and marjoram. The sweetness of the grilled tri tip went well with the richness added by the Petite Sirah.

Thanks for the invite!

HI Scott,

When are you getting a permit for CT?

This Woot-legging is killing me…

We are working on CT. It is difficult and expensive.

Like most things in CT.

I often ask myself why I live here…

Have only bought one time since the change to all day shipping… Love me some SH wines though. I think this is going to end the long dry spell… and my cellar was actually starting to have room. Perfect thing to fill it with though.

Could it be to pay the highest gas taxes and have the second worst roads in the country?

On days when I can’t buy a great wine, I ask that myself. Along with “To wootleg or not to wootleg?”

Ahem! California has .69 per gal., whilst Connecticut is .644 per gal., so not the highest! :tongue:

And NY is at .696!

And your highest gas was $4.81 per gal, followed by $4.35 and $4.34 per gallon. California has 3 stations at $5.09, followed by a slew at $4.99 per gallon.

Although to be honest, all our lower prices listed were below any of your lower prices list.