Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah (5)

Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah (5)

I recall the days when woot-off offers went in mere minutes, often counted on a single hand. You didn’t dare leave the screen/keyboard, lest you’d miss that mag of decade plus Barolo, some Cavedoni, and this Syrah or a Barbera would be gone in a flash.

Do we get De Longs?

Agreed rjquillin. Or Some Wellington I am running low.

Why is nothing shipping to New York? I just bought these on 7/30 and they were delivered last week, now no NY shipping, whats up?

do you by chance have an tasting notes or comment on like/dislike? I assume like since you are asking about shipping?

An auto-buy if you’re not broke yet!

The state of New York has decided to follow Mayor Bloomberg’s lead. Anything larger than 375ml is just too large of a bottle.

No wine for you! Come back, one year!

Sorry I don’t, haven’t tried it yet. I was just wondering why the shipping has changed since no wine that’s been offered for at least the last few days will ship to NY.

Wonderful! Thanks for the reply, just another plus for living in NY!

It is a terrible injustice. Free markets are a very relative thing. I hope it all gets sorted out for you. May the Force be with you.

I just ordered when it was on a few weeks ago. I haven’t even opened one of these yet, so I’m still sitting out on this one.

By the way, I am in for one. Can’t go wrong with Scott Harvey wines.

I may be consuming a 3L of Jana Cathedral this Labor Day weekend. I also have a 6L Raymond Cab so it depends on how many people are at my house…

Thanks again. Between this and the Amazon takeover it looks like I’m done here. Bad for me, good for my local wine purveyors!

If you pass through Iowa I’ll give you a bottle of mine.

I don’t like to compare wines but i have never had a Syrah, but am a huge fan of Cabs and PNoir - can some ‘describe’ a Syrah taste to me in comparing to C/PN? I am really tempted to buy this, but just not sure yet-any help out there?

Hmm…can we get directions to your house? :slight_smile:

Bigger body than PN. Similar to CS but generally more meaty and smokey and less leather, tobacco, cedar. Obviously HUGE generalizations.

Thank you!