Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah (5)

Scott Harvey Amador County Syrah 5-Pack
$74.99 $129.00 42% off List Price
2011 Scott Harvey Syrah Mountain Selection, Amador County

Previous Offer 7/30/13

Tried OH, MA, NH.
All No goes…

A solid syrah, I’d order more if I didn’t still have four left (and my cellar wasn’t pretty much full, with about 8 gallons of homemade that needs bottling/storing)…

Decent QPR and Scott Harvey. If you like Syrah, this is a “duh”.

Really good stuff from Scott Harvey, WAAAAAAAY better than Clary Ranch Syrah, btw I am sipping on some 2007 Clary Ranch Syrah right now from the last WootOff; is it supposed to be extremely acidic and contain massive amounts of sediment??
Somebody please weigh in here with a comment so I know if I need to return the Clary to Woot, or if I just need to decant it more, thanks

Thanks very much for posting the link. I do like a good Syrah, but cellar tracker didn’t have much on this vintage. It’s always nice to hear from the Vintner on a wine.

I love a good Syrah, so I took a chance and bought 3 based upon the SH rep here. (the sales tax thing really blow Woot…:frowning: )

If I don’t dig it, it can become my gift wine at this price point.

Any SoCal or NoCal people who missed, I might have 1 or 2 to spare. Might. :wink:

This is a nice syrah. You won’t be gifting any unless you’re generous.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I didn’t get on while this was running. We are still knee deep in grapes. Been a great harvest so far. Anyone having problems with non ship to states, give us a call at the winery and we’ll take care of you. 707 968-9575, Cheers