Scott Harvey Amador Trio

Scott Harvey Amador Trio
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Scott Harvey Wines 2005 Zinfandel “Mountain Select”
1 Scott Harvey Wines 2005 Zinfandel “Old Vine”
1 Scott Harvey Wines 2005 Barbera “Mountain Select”

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Hmmm…one of the flavor descriptions sounds kind of gross to me.

mill is back!

Good sleuthing.

Here’s the link to the winery.


The barbera has 120 percent of fruit in it when you combine 96% barbera and 24 % syrah!

Jeff in PDX

Supposed to be 4% according to their website.

Hmmm.some discrepancies on the cases produced…woot says 1297 of the 05 old vine zin were made but the website says that only 693 were made…

Order two woots, what am I going to do with all this wine?

The barbera is intriguing. Dunno about the zin. Also, I am full of wine. I think I’ll get one (so I don’t get tempted to order more!)

In for one. Lived in the Sacramento area for over 5 years now and haven’t tried any of the local wines yet… so I’m looking forward to it.

Sacramento County is not a “wine stain”…

I think…

In for one…

Yeah that’s what I just did. The barbera does sound interesting. Too bad one of the Zins wasn’t replaced with their Syrah. That would be a nice variety.

Five years and no locals???

We only got a few hundred around here…

None in Sacramento though-maybe we are a wine stain…

Yeah… I think the closest I’ve tried are probably a few from Lodi. I’m a Napa/Sonoma guy… what can I say?

In for 1. I know the zins are good (Renwood fan)…looking forward to the barbera.

I’m from Napa. Scott Harvey makes great wines. Old vine Zins are full-bodied and go well with high acid foods like tomato-based sauces, rich meats etc. They are complex wines but most people quite enjoy them. I’m in for the set.

Hmmm…2 or 3…2 or 3…I can’t decide.

Gotta sleep on it.

Looks very good, though, particulary the Barbera and the CT ratings for these wines are pretty impressive, though obviously need to be taken with a grain of salt.

It would be cool if at some point CT would have an engine like Netflix where it would telll you how accurate it thought a person’s rating was relative to you based on your previous ratings and ratings of others, etc.

After 3 weeks of telling the GF I’m done buying wine until after our trip, I finally can say it to her and mean it. The zins are attractive to me but the other bottle just doesn’t sound like something that would suit my taste. I still look forward to the labrats reports but no amount of arm twisting will work this week. I think. :wink:

I can’t find anything about Scott Harvey wines worth reading. Anyone else?