Scott Harvey Barbera Magnum (2)

I have had the SH Mountain Select Barbera 2012, a WW offer, and enjoyed it. Anyone got TN’s to tell the difference between this, the J&S Reserve Barbera, and the Mountain Select for 2012?
Scott: what is the drinking window for a large format like this?

wow wow wow - My #1 favorite wine from Scott…

My absolute favorite from Scott as well. I’d also like to know what the drinking window for this format.

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In the past, the younger set (son, nephews, & niece - all in their 20s) preferred the Mountain Select (red label) while my sister and I preferred the Reserve (white label).

Both are excellent, and I’ve ordered both sets. I will drink either with ease.

As to drinking window, IIRC, these will have a shifted window from 750s. So if the 750 has a 2015 - 2020 window (guessing), then the Magnum could be 2 to 3 years shifted later. And even longer on the end.

Scott will be more accurate.

Edit: Aargh! Forgot that Amazon Payments is acting up on my tablet. Tried to order this as soon as it went up, but Aargh! Have to use the PC or smartphone.