Scott Harvey Holiday Mixed Case

Scott Harvey Holiday Mixed Case
$129.99 + $5 shipping
2 2006 Zinfandel, Old Vine Reserve
2 2007 Mountain Selection Barbera
2 2006 Syrah, Mountain Selection
2 2008 Jana Rose
2 2007 One Last Kiss Red Table Wine
2 2006 One Last Kiss California Alsatian Style White Wine
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I like the selection and I’m guessing this is a very good value.

Now that’s a lot of vino, and 4 bottles not my cup of tea. It’s about time to start drinking what I have. G’nite all.

This is the wine you want …

Party on February 20th!!! (Sunday - During Dark & Delicious (Petite Sirah gathering) Weekend) <3


Scott Harvey Holiday Mixed Case
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Whew!! Thought it was a BOC for a minute there … :wink:

That’s odd… This is the Wine.Woot offering I’ve seen that doesn’t ship to Missouri. I guess that makes the decision easy enough for me, but I’m wondering why it fell off the list this time.

Scott makes wonderful wine.

The Barbera, Syrah, & Old Vine Zin are terrific. Can’t wait to try the others.

Thanks wine.woot and Scott Harvey. I hit the button without a second thought as a Christmas gift to myself. I love the Zinfandels and Barbara’s now I’m excited to try a few new varietals.

Carp. No Missouri delivery. G’nite.

Not even for a Golden Ticket??? :tongue:

Scott has a Chocolate Lake (ok, not really, but close!) at his place, along with Oompa-Loompas. :wink:

Great deal! Merry early Christmas to me!

Courtesy of CJ:

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When can we expect to have this delivered? I’m less interested in the golden ticket, because the odds of me being able to fly out to california even for something as awesome as this are slim (still possible but slim) Reason I ask about a delivery is because I’m planning on moving out soon, and I would prefer not to have the wine bounce around Fedex truck for a while.

I suppose it’s meant to be that I can’t get Scott Harvey wines. Maybe when I’m in a financial position to actually afford the wine I buy, then Scott Harvey will be able to ship to AZ. Until then…

As much as I hate parting with that many moneys at one time, everything in that mix looks interesting. You lose, bank account.

Its a little over $100 off according to the prices on the Scott Havery Website, but awesome shipping on woot.

You mean my wine collection will not be safe to transfer coast to coast when I move?

Love the Barbera, the Zin and the Syrah…haven’t had the others but have no interest in rose, white, or cheap red table wine with 2% RS. If it were just the first 3 I’d be in for 3 packs, which was the case when these 3 varietals were offered in April 2009 in the Scott Harvey Amador Sampler that was one of my favorite Woot purchases.

And don’t tell me I should order it so I have the wines I don’t like to provide my guests with, because I don’t associate with such people.

Its more like my landlady will not accept wine deliveries because she cannot see the Fedex truck from where she is, and I’m heading out at the end of the month, so I kind of need to know.

Also I guess Scott and Jana decided to not rename their one last kiss line even after we all tried so hard to come up with a good name.

As always, great to be back on woot. It’s one AM in the morning here, writing from Florida. Jana and I are on our last day of a vacation in Key West. Today we are traveling back to Napa Valley. So, I’ll be on and off woot inbetween airports. Mark The Spark has been dropping hints all week. He’s right we’ll be having an all day event on Feb. 20th at our home in St. Helena. The day after Dark and Delicious and the Napa Valley Barrel Auction. There will be a number of things to do and enjoy, one of them taking the same wine tasting test I had to take 30 years ago to become a commercial wine judge. Of the people that try their wine judging skills and pass the test, one will be drawn out of the hat to participate with me as a sit in judge on one of my commercial wine judging panels. The cost to attend the event is $20. But, throughout the wine sold today, there are 30 golden tickets, (numbered, signed golden grape leaves), that will be put into the shipments. If you receive one of the golden grape leaves, you come for free.