Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Well, this is the first time I am the one to make the first comment. Wooters, this is your wine. Based on feed back from the Wooters, this style of InZinerater was developed. It is a Zinfandel blend with some Barbera, Syrah and in this vintage a touch of Napa Valley Pinot Noir. The wine has .8% residual sugar while maintaining good acidity. The 6% Forte is our port wine and what adds the .8% residual sugar giving the wine a full rich center palate. It drinks well now and has an 8 to 10 year drink-ability window.

It’s been said before, “Scott is a Zin Master!” Just unpacked a box of Inzinerator from a few weeks ago and ordered th Mountain Selection Zin yesterday so all set with Zin. That said, would LOVE to see some of Scott’s Barbera offered soon!

Hint hint.

Pretty please!

Auto buy - this is a no-brainer every time. In for 1!

For such a long time, Wisconsin was not available for shipping. I love this wine as I am a Zin girl. Thanks Scott–in for 2!

I managed to resist temptation yesterday but even though I just got the Q1 club shipment I’m in for 1!!

Huge fan of Scott’s wines, generally, including his Zins (although his Barberas really have my heart).

I found a bottle of the 2012 Inzinerator at a local Specs here in Houston a couple of months ago and grabbed it because I hadn’t had the 2012 vintage yet.

On pop-n-pour, it was incredibly tight. There was almost no perceptible fruitiness, and it smelled of very hot alcohol. The taste was also very hot, with almost none of the fruit flavors that I love in Scott’s Inzinerator.

In a highly unscientific method of oxidation, I put the cork back in the battle and stuck it in the fridge for about a week and a half. I came back to it one night when we had some friends over (actually the same friends that we had opened it with initially). I poured it for everyone without showing them the bottle, and they raved about how good it was–exactly the Inzinerator profile you expect: ripe, plummy fruits on the nose and palate, with a nice, long finish.

I wonder if the bottle I picked up at the store had just arrived and been shelved immediately. It reminded me of some bottles that I’ve opened too soon after shipping that were just a bit “off.” But, given the time to get it’s act together, this wine shined, just like Scott’s past vintages.

I’m in for one.

Scott Harvey, Peter Wellington, this may be a conspiracy to drain my wallet but fill my cellar. I’ll definitely call it a conspiracy if my other favorite Zin winery has an offer before this Woot-Off is over. If I see anything from Harvest Moon, I am doomed. Randy makes a great Zin that only Scott and Peter can match.

I’m so glad this came up, I have only 1 bottle left!

My favorite wine is anything that tastes good. And this wine is one of my favorites. My wife and I met Scott in Wooster, Ohio a few years ago at a dinner he was more or less hosting. He was very gracious, knew a lot about wine and the industry and wore a bow tie. Lots to like about him and his wines.

Would you experts recommend letting this sit in the bottle until next year for best flavor?

It wouldn’t hurt. Put 1/2 away for next year and drink the other 1/2 this year and try and notice if you think it’s improving.

The wine was bottled in February, so the tightness was not due to bottle shock. I opened a bottle from my cellar and it is showing well, the way I blended it to show. So, I think you are right, it must have been due to shipping. It may have gone through some big temperature changes that would have caused it ti tighten up.

In for 3.
I had a magnum from 2005 in December with dinner and I’m still thinking about how smooth and glorious it was. Aging very well.

That was almost certainly the case, because after a few days it settled down and tasted wonderfully. I have high expectations that the five bottles of this I purchased today will not have such a traumatic life as the one I bought from Specs. :wink: