Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 5-Pack
$62.99 $114.00 45% off List Price
2012 InZINerator
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What’s going on here TT?? Did you break something when you removed the spammer’s post? :slight_smile: or are you going to a new offer every couple of hours :wink:

Hi Everyone,
Just got a call from WineDrew and found out we are on Woot. This is our InZinerator. A wine that the Wooter’s helped blend. The current blend and style are what the Wooter’s decided they liked best. It is labeled as a California Zinfandel, but really is Amador County Zinfandel mixed with Barbera, Syrah and some of our Forte. Jana and I will be in and out today, we are hiking on the coast in the Carmel area. Getting ready to head out. Will get back on to answer questions when we return.

The daily was mispriced and rather than let it ride they pulled it and put the always great inzin up. I would argue this is the better deal though.

If I had $$, I’d buy 5 more. I love this stuff.

It’s been a while since we purchased (the last time was Scott’s Barbera!) so couldn’t pass up this one (especially if blended by Wooters with Scott/Jana). Looking forward to much more Inzin!

(Since when does it not show who was the last to purchase? :frowning: )

You have to click on the link to the full sales stats, there it will be, same as it ever was.

It’s a damn good day when you have both Wellington and Scott Harvey up for sale on Woot.

I’ll have to check the cellar and see if there’s any room to squeeze these in…

VunoFranks, are you lurking? Please check PM. Thanks!

Scott’s InZin is always a hit with us. It’s a wine that we not only enjoy ourselves but one that we feel comfortable sharing with both casual and experienced wine drinkers alike.