Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 5-Pack
$62.99 $114.00 45% off List Price
2012 InZINerator
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Auto-Buy! Except the locker is full! :frowning:

First Sucker: mill
(for those who take note)

I already got my 5-pack in March or I would be in as well. Have not yet opened one and likely won’t for awhile as I am still working through earlier vintages but the InZIN is what got me started on Scott Harvey wines in the first place. I guess you could call it the “Gateway Wine”? :slight_smile:

Perfect timing! Finished my last bottle of inZin earlier this week when we had a day that felt like Autumn. That didn’t last long, but in hopes that we get another cool day again this year here in SoCal, I need to re-stock. Not that I’m tired of whites and rosés, but that nice juicy Zin sure hit the spot! In for two.

How does this compare to the 2012 Amador County? That was my first Harvey zin and it was a bit light for my taste. Is this one more intense in flavor?

Why is NC on the no ship list? I buy & have shipped here all the time. Has something changed?Thanks.

We have a magnum of the 2012 in the cellar now and no extra space, so have to unfortunately pass on this one.

And by no extra space, I mean besides the room we made for the upcoming (hopefully!!) WineSmith offer!

InZINerator is one of Scott’s most popular wines - a lush Zin (in this case from a wonderful vintage) with just a bit of residual sugar (0.8%) which - truth to tell - will please all but the most hardened palates.

If you haven’t tried it, you owe it to yourself to!

tommythecat78 wrote:
States that a winery can ship to change with each winery as they have to get a separate license for each state. The states laws further complicate things regarding distributor/retailer/winery direct shipments. The InZinerator can’t be shipped to NC because of the label. Lawmakers decided that the label is making kids drink. Or something like that. As far as the magnum issue goes I have no idea. I believe that Scott CAN ship his other wines, just not the InZin or FemKnight bottles.

From SH:
Your right, it is just in NC that the InZinerator label has been outlawed. The rest of our wines are okay to ship there.

This is the “Copa” of Zin…they NEVER run out :slight_smile:

This wine is very tasty! It’s versatile, a crowd pleaser with the sweetness and well made. This is also the best vintage of it I have had.

I’m overstocked right now otherwise I’d take some off of Scott’s hands.

Scott, thanks for always making your wines available to us at s nice price.

Now I wonder what happened to wine smith? Maybe the devil was in the details…

thank you!

InZINerator was my first ever wine wine.woot purchase back in 2009! Ever since then I’ve been hooked on wine.

The 2012 you bought was probably our Mt. Selection or reserve Zinfandel. They are both made in the old world style which is intended to be more elegant than the InZinerator. The InZinerator is a wine style that the Wooter’s help develop. It is richer in style becauase we add a small amount of our Forte wine to it.

The InZinerator is outlawed by the state of North Carolina. They say it appeals to much to children, so won’t allow us to sell it there. Give the winery a call at 707 968-9575 and we’ll find a way to take care of you.

Everyone seems to like this wine. I almost exclusively buy mixed packs (I’m a n00b with limited space and budget, and I like to try as many different styles as I can rather than take a chance on a lot of one thing), but this one is tempting me. And for once, a might-buy that ships to NJ!

Does/will Woot offer any SH mixes that include this one, or is it this deal or nothing?

With woot it is this deal or you can wait until another of our wines comes up. If you want to get a mixed shipment of our wines, call the winery. Phone number is listed above.

This is one of my favorite InZins - not over the top - perhaps one of the most “restrained” versions.

Take a lesson from RPM’s fitting endorsement of Scott Harvey who gives so generously to this community (even though rpm is referring to himself as one of those hardened palates).


Scott Harvey is indeed one of Wine.woot’s greatest treasures - a fabulous winemaker, a wonderful man (with the equally wonderful and even more gorgeous Jana at his side), and one of the most consistent and helpful contributors to this community.

His name should be revered in the same breath with Peter W, Kent R, Joy S, and Cathy C as our very own “Fabulous Five”.