Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 5-Pack
$69.99 $114.00 39% off List Price
2013 InZINerator, California Zinfandel

Always a favorite, and, as Fate would have it, I was just finishing up a bottle of the 2012 inZin when I read this offer. Definitely in for one!

I like the label! Haven’t started in on the stags blend I recently ordered, so good on SH wines for now but this is definitely one of my favorites to pop open after work. Nice and smooth, doesn’t need any food accompaniment to shine.

InZINerator is the wine that started me down the slippery slope of Scott Harvey fandom and it remains a favorite.

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

Price is higher than most recent offer, I think. Wanted to reload but every dollar counts these days :confounded:

In for three! I’m fairly certain last time this didn’t ship to sc though. I’m excited since we are down to our last bottle of this.

Trying to decide what to do with all the $$ I’m saving here in GA.

Yeah-me too here in VA!

This is my hubby’s favorite. Any chance of getting shipment to Georgia by calling the winery?
Thanks, Kim

not sure why this will not come to Georgia, I have ordered this to GA before… :frowning:

The wife and I love us some InZINerator!! Cellartracker notes are good for this 2013 as well. Thanks Wine.Woot! :slight_smile:

This continues to be nothing but eternal torment for me. I’m flat out of Zin. NC * is* never on the list for this anyway.
The only way to increase my torment is to get permission to send it to NC but wait until I don’t have the money for it anyway…

no one likes a price increase.

Great Googly Moogly!

Liberated from the SC regulatory authorities at last…

Of course, last time I got this excited, I received the dreaded email from woot canceling my order due to unforeseen shipping obstacles.

Hi Wooters,
Happy to be back on with your wine, the InZinerator. If your state is not listed as a ship to state, give us a call at the winery 707 968-9575 and we’ll take care of you. Look forward to answering questions through out the day.

My absolute favorite wine by the firepit. Absolutely superb with smores using peanut butter cups in place of chocolate

Hi Scott,
How long can this be kept?

I am afraid of the same thing:(

It is made to be a 10 to 15 year wine. The pH at 3.5pH is in the “old World” style range for a wine to age.