Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 5-Pack
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2011 InZINerator
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We were actually out at the Sutter Creek tasting room today - Kelsey, Muffin and Isabel were just delightful! While I didn’t pick up any of the infamous Inzin - we did leave with a decent amount of the 1869 zin and J&S Barbera. Lovely town and folk.

Was there no 2010 vintage?

The first and only time I’ve ever had an InZINerator was in March at the MN wine.woot gathering and it was phenomenal. It definitely raises the bar for zins.

EDIT: The vintage I had the pleasure of trying (in March 2013) was a 2004. Are the newer vintages considerably different? I wouldn’t mind allowing these time to age if it possibly helps overcome the changes that have been mentioned below by others.


Scott makes many great wines and zins are one of my favs in general, so I’m definitely in for one order even though I shouldn’t. I just can’t resist. I think I have a problem. I’d even go in for 2, but I’m buying my first home and I need to conserve funds. Yet woot keeps offering up all of these great Wellington, SH, and other amazing wines and it’s hard to pass them up, especially since they are difficult to find locally.


Please give my checking account a break.


Was just coming to post the same question. It doesn’t surprise me given the troubles everyone had in 2010. Were the InZin grapes sacrificed so you had enough the mountain zin to go around?

Yeah, I know there were small yields in '10, you probably nailed it. Sent you a PM about possible split.
EDIT: Speaking of which, I miss the 3-bottle offers that used to be fairly common, with 5-6 or more I feel like I need to get someone to split with me. Just off the top of my head for recent offers, I would have bought R. Merlo Chard, R. Merlo PN and Chance Creek SB if they were 3-bottle offers.

Why!!! GOD WHY??? No shipping to AK. :(((((((((

The last inzin I had was the 07’ and the addition of the forte added a pruned quality that I was not a fan of. I noticed that the 2011 has a similar addition I thought we were getting away from this.

It makes it an easy pass for me.

2008 and 2009 both had forte as well, around 5%. The only change was previous vintages is that the RS, while still there is less now than it was in 2007 & earlier. For what it’s worth, 2007 is by far my favorite vintage, and I probably would have liked the earlier ones even more had I been able to try them.

Pretty sure '06 was the last vintage with detectable RS and I happen to have 2 bottles, one of which has your name on it!

Lucky for you I picked up a set, in case when we try it next month and you change your mind. :wink:

Sent you a PM :wink:

I see Virginia listed… must be a mistake

This is where I am, too. In fact, I still have one bottle of the '07 from a 2010 offering that I can’t get excited about opening.

My first purchase from Woot in Aug 08 was the InZINerator which I loved. My daughter became a fan of red wine after experiencing it. I later ordered a case directly from Scott Harvey. Unfortunately, the offering of the 2007 in 2010 (I think) was a big disappointment. It was so sweet I eventually just used it to make sangria as I could not drink it otherwise. I’d love to try this Zin again hoping it will be like the original purchase but I have concerns. Anyone else have a similar experience? Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Ordered InZin two years ago. Not a fan. The forte is very obvious and ruins the wine for me. Pass.

And West Virginia is not :frowning:

Petty sure I recall a thread where SH mentioned he was cutting back or eliminating the Forte in the 1869.

I’ve got mountains of SH in the cellar and horde the Cathedral, Barberas, and 1869’s; Syrah and other Zins (OVR and Mountain), like the Forte too…

I’ve found the InZinerators have their time and place, and can be great transitional wines when I’m pouring multiple bottles when company comes calling; a quality bottle well above what some used to grocery store bottles are accustomed to. We’ve all got some white Zin friends we try to hide in the closet, and this fits perfectly for those occasions.

Thanks for the heads up…that’s really helpful info.