Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Still no NY Delivery, Woot?

Please explain, woot.

same winery twice in one day–is this normal for a woot off?

I already grabbed the Scott Harvey Syrah today

Issues with NY laws, read the daily offering threads for the last couple of days, one of them has some links with better explanations, I don’t feel like finding them but since you insist on posting on every thread without looking for yourself, I figured I would at least point you in the right direction.

I hope you weren’t expecting a Pinot Noir, because that was a Syrah offered earlier, hah.

In for two/10 bottles. The 2009 was wonderful and enjoying every bottle. This one should be quite good too. I hope you get some before it runs out.

I must have been upset about the lack of shipping to NY. :-*

ths should go fast with all the Zin lovers here Highwayz???

I’m down to my last Mag of 2007 InZINerator…so this is tempting…BUT… we’ll be at his tasting room in the mountains Saturday!!

Have you guys changed policy? I bought something off the main site and then Moofi–and got charged shipping again–now I am getting charged shipping for this…have you become Capitalists?

You have to place all items in the basket at the same time to get combined shipping. The days of 24 hours of unlimited item shipping for the same price are long gone (for many months)…bummer, it was awesome during woot-offs!

Well, thanks, sort of. I would expect a more thorough explanation on the woot page itself, not buried in past posts. No need to be a weenie about it.

Wine woot needs to add a feature so that we can have it send us an alert when our favorites are up. Especially during woot offs. I hate not seeing and sometimes, I’m just not online.

There’s been very little official info released, mostly speculation. No wiener about it, you must not visit much, it’s been a huge issue.

Just follow the threads better and you’d know.

If you like a newer world Zin, another quality auto-buy here from Scott. I’m all full up with five of these already keeping the older ones company.

You got called out for whining and being lazy…and now you get nasty. Bacon on you.

I love Wine Woot
, Not only do I get the chance to learn more about wine from the regulars and buy some great juice…every once in a while I get entertained also

North316, I am guessing you haven’t been called a weenie since …maybe 3rd grade?

Bummer. I bought this last time and now no NY.


Wish SH would release to Woot more of the heavy lumber. Cathedral please!!!

Damn - came and went while I was at dinner.