Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 5-Pack
$62.99 $109.00 42% off List Price
2011 InZINerator

this sucks!!! I want this JUICE!! But not for GA this time, whacked. I have purchased before. (crying)

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This is probably a clue of the winery soon to be up…

A tasty Zin that ought to appeal to New World Cabernet and Zinfandel drinkers. It’s not just a fruit bomb - definitely a little more complexity than your average Zin. If you’re a big Merlot or Shiraz/Syrah drinker, you might find this less interesting. It’s a perennial favorite on Woot!

The asking price (about $14 inc tax/shipping) seems very reasonable to me, although it’s not a steal. I’d probably buy another set if NY’s state legislators weren’t so … um … efficient.

Not shipping to Kansas?? I’ve bought the InZIN several times before. What’s up, Woot? I’ve been waiting for this one.

Not sure whats up. Woot A Z O N seems to just stopped shipping to several states. Not sure why cant find any new laws for NY and individual CA wineries say they can still ship here. I was in for Scott Harvey Zin, great wine if you can get it.

I can’t believe this doesn’t ship to Wisconsin. I have bought this many times before and it is a fav. How is this issue being resolved? There are a lot of sales being missed here!

InZinerator and Wellington today! Life is good, no great!

not sure either as I have bought in NY before


Like others have said, Wine Woot or (in an amazing coincidence) at least three separate wineries have recently stopped shipping to Tennessee and other states. I have checked and the law has not changed, all the winery has to do is file a form with the state and pay an annual $150 fee to ship to the state.

Moderators, please check on this and let us know why there has been a change. Thank You.

The recent change in WW’s ship list is due to laws regarding 3rd party sellers. For example: Peter Wellington can still ship directly to NY, but wine.woot can’t. You can believe that wine.woot wants to sell us all these wines as much as we want to purchase them, but their hands are tied at the moment. Here is the link with more info:

What the???

How did it go from 62% to sold out??

Damn new carriage system!!

Noooooooo!!! This is the ONE item I wanted from this woot!-off. So sad I missed it… :frowning:

I hope it pops up again.