Scott Harvey InZINerator (6)

Scott Harvey InZINerator 6-Pack
$75.99 $124.00 39% off List Price
2012 InZINerator
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The InZinerator!
If you haven’t tried it, do! The price is right.
Over the top, fruit forward, great mouth-feel…just a delicious fun wine.
The little bit of Forte (Port) really makes this wine sing.
Disclaimer: OK, I haven’t tried the 2012, just every other vintage ever.
And I really do miss the Superhero labels.

Yum! In for 2:). We just drank our last bottle of Inzinerator and it’s a wine we always like to have on hand:)

Good stuff, for sure, but I don’t think this is much of a discount…

Here in Dallas this is $17.99 a bottle retail

This is one of my favorites that Scott Harvey makes …it is really a fun wine to drink & damn good too!
In for 2 :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to find at a better price, even the sale on the Harvey website last month it was still $14.50 a bottle with $10 shipping…

The 2009 vintage offered a while back was $5 more for a six pack.

This is a great wine to have around as a daily drinker, and great with pizza. I’ll be hard pressed not to be in on one…

I’ve bought this same wine from woot before, a few times, and it’s great. Bold, peppery and spicy.

However this time around woot says they can’t ship to GA. Why not?!

Order Date:Aug 21, 2013Order Number:45771620Order Status:Shipped

Oh well, back to the Mad Dog.


InZinerator is a big, jammy Zin that is more “New World” in style than Scott’s other Zinfandels but is still extremely well balanced and food friendly.

My first Scott Harvey wine was a 2007 InZin and it was not only the beginning of a love affair with his wines but served as a catalyst for my increased patronage of wine.woot. The rest, as they say, is history.

I think I know: Wine.woot is too lazy to include GA. They’ve done the same for NM and it is BS.

New Mexico most certainly does allow wine shipments! They do require, though, that state taxes be collected and paid. Woot are too lazy to do the latter. For the record, I’d be happy to pay the taxes.

good luck,

Wine.woot does not currently ship wine to GA or NM. There were some states removed last Fall after a reinterpretation of shipping laws in NY resulted in questions about other states as well. Some states were subsequently added back but still no word on GA or NM, among others. HERE is a brief summary of states removed from the shipping list.
EDIT to add that wine.woot does collect state sales taxes in those states that require it, which is most of them.

Anyone know how this compares to Pedroncelli mother clone zin?

We can get it in Houston for $15 at Specs.

Expect more fruit here than in the more reserved Mother Clone from Ped. Scott’s Mountain Selection Zin is his more reserved release.

One of my most delicious purchases from Woot when they would ship to Virginia in the old days. If you like a flavorful, jammy every day drinker, this is the one!

You are becoming a guru, Cricket…

InZinerator is indeed a fruit-forward, fully-extracted Zin with just a tiny hint of residual sugar to please most palates.

N.B. Most people say they like fully dry wines, but blind taste tests over the years have consistently shown a significant majority actually prefer 1% or 1.5% residual sugar, even in red wines.

Ron, if you buy and want to let a Cab guy try… PM me I’ll take 2.

Now you’re gonna have to show up at a gathering, or we’ll drink your stash.

Even after tax and shipping these are less than I can get them for in the wine club.

Has anyone received their order yet? I got a tracking number two weeks ago that doesnt show any scans, and my support request to Woot has gone unanswered. Thanks