Scott Harvey InZINerator Magnum Duo (2)

Scott Harvey InZINerator Magnum Duo 2-Pack
$69.99 $120.00 42% off List Price
2012 InZINerator, 1.5L Magnum
2011 InZINerator, 1.5L Magnum
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Enough of this old wine, bring us some fresh wine and a lot of it.

Too bad these (and the 3 liter) won’t fit in a wine diaper.

It won’t fit in my wine fridge either.

I like the InZINerator and have purchased several times here on wine.woot, most recently on 8/25/14; 2012 InZINerator 750ml 6-Pack for $76 plus shipping. That came to $14/bottle. If 2 magnums equals 4 “regular” bottles, this offer would equate to $17.50 per “regular” bottle. Why so much more per ml cost?

I get the whole thing about judging the merit of value of each deal to decide if the QPR is there for me. I am genuinely interested in what the increased value of larger format bottles is that warrants higher price for the same juice.

then clearly you need a larger fridge!
for those/these special bottles.

Hi Everyone,
We go through the trouble and a bottling and packaging expense that is twice to three times that of 750 ml bottles, so that we have some of the wine in a container that ages much longer than in a regular bottle. That is why the cost per ml is greater on large format bottles. That is also why we are offering older vintages of the large formats. We incur extra cost for holding the wine for a couple more years. Hope this answers the question.

I forgot to mention, I will be signing these magnums as well.

What he said, plus they don’t make that many of them which makes them a bit scarce. So the price is a little higher.

Lol, I need a bigger house!

Do either of these have the 5% or so of port varieties?

Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the extra barrel aging?

found right here; 6%

Woot’s mobile site = terrible.

I think I recall your lament about mobile earlier as well.
Don’t do much mobile; no other way to avoid the loss of data, short of a tablet or other more full featured device?

[edit] click on the bottles and scroll down, it is there, just not well presented or obvious.

It looked to me like Scott was referring to the fact that larger formats can age longer in the bottle – not that he was giving the wine extra time in the barrel. But maybe I’m mistaken, or maybe you were talking about a different post?

Is it red wine ??
and is it good for skin complexion…

It is red. And sure; why not?

Yes it will improve your skin however when pouring it on yourself avoid open flame. Also, don’t pour it on yourself and jump in the tanning bed.

I find that consuming red wine gives my face a rosy glow. (But so does consuming white wine.)