Scott Harvey InZINerator

Scott Harvey InZINerator
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2009 InZINerator
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Polished off my last bottle last night. Thanks SH for knowing this information. Now, about the Jana…

I love this stuff. Sadly, my state isn’t on the shipping list. When it came up on the regular woot, Monica and Jana were kind enough to authorize an alternate shipping solution and got me my 3 bottles at the woot price. Now there’s some customer service for you.

Is this suitable as a drink now wine? I have a few bottles of the 2008 tucked away…might make for an interesting comparison but I am not sure how long I can hold off before opening the '08!

Wooters whove had this vintage: notes? Is it cloying? Ssweet? Port obvious? I pefer spicy, jammy boysenberry zins so on the fence. Thanks

What are your thoughts on this? Why do you like it? Thanks

I thought this last woot. It’s very smooth and highly drinkable. In for three.

Sweetness, perceived or not? Thanks

This is good stuff!

The port is noticeable at first, and it’s a bit on the hot side at first blush, but both these diminish with some time. I strongly recommend decanting this one.
At the end of the night, the port was just adding a barely perceptible sweet note, although was still present on the nose. Beautiful ruby color. Lovely red fruit on the nose, subtle spices, cherries, chocolate, a touch of pepper, authoritative finish

We paired with Cabernet burgers on Focaccia bread with swiss and bacon, garlic fries, and was an absolute smash hit.

Pulled the trigger - sounds like it is worth the gamble. I am sure if I hate it someone on here will take it off my hands. Oh wait, I don’t ever hate wine…

No Maryland?

where’s the humanity?

Good God, I’m starving!

No. To me it is more bold and round than sweet - I don’t tend to like sweet wines and I really LIKE this one.

Thanks looks to be a great gourmet burger wine. Im in.

This initially looked like it wasn’t shipping to Maryland last time, then they fixed it. I went ahead and ordered this time and it went through…

Last night I opened the first bottle (of 6) that I bought when this was last up a month or so ago. I had just poured myself a glass when it popped up here tonight.

This one depends on your taste. It is definitely sweeter than any zin I’ve tasted - the port does poke through a bit. But only slightly sweeter than your typical BIG fruit bomb kind of wine. It’s big, it’s alcoholic, kind of hot, and kind of sweet. The sweetness is balanced a bit by the alcohol bite and some fruit structure - so it’s not cloying. No spice to speak of, though.

From my POV, I like it enough that I won’t worry about getting through the other 5 bottles I have - although I will hit them on infrequent intervals as I’m curious how this will taste a few years down the road when it’s potentially mellowed a bit.

But it’s easy for me to pass on picking up more tonight. I like it enough to not feel like I wasted my money last time but I don’t like it enough to buy more.

But a fruit bomb fan might love it.

Same here i cant stand any hint of sweetness in red wines…ill take ur word for it worae coes to worse and wife will drink it. Ha!

I’m in Maryland and bought last time too.