Scott Harvey Large Format Wines

One minute after midnight and the 10 Barbera is SO. Oh, well, got the 2011 Barbera 1.5L (2).

EDIT: Couldn’t resist the '07 Jana Cathedral.

This is killing the bank account.

So is the Whispering Vines CS identical to the Jana Cathedral but with a different label?
This may be the perfect place to use that $5 coupon.

Scott Harvey Large Format Wines

Jana Cathedral 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
$174.99 $370.00 53% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2010 Mtn Selection Zinfandel 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Whispering Vine '07 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum
$89.99 $165.00 45% off List Price

Jana Cathedral '07 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum
$99.99 $190.00 47% off List Price

Whispering Vine '07 Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
$174.99 $370.00 53% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2011 Mtn Select Zinfandel 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2008 Mtn Select Syrah 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2011 Mtn Select Barbera 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2012 InZINerator 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Scott Harvey 2011 InZINerator 3L
$104.99 $170.00 38% off List Price

Scott Harvey '11 J&S Rsrv Barbera 1.5L (2)
$69.99 $120.00 42% off List Price

Scott Harvey '10 J&S Rsrv Barbera 1.5L (2)
$69.99 $120.00 42% off List Price

Oh Yum! I’m gonna have some good parties with these :slight_smile:

I was excited to see some SH large format, but the retail prices are definitely off even with shipping. From the SH website the retail price of the 3L Mountain Selects and InZin with tax+shipping is $124.50… so once tax is added here, it’s really not that great of a deal.

But even with that said… I’m in for a Mag of the Jana Cathedral, and good news everyone, the $5 coupon works on wine!!!

Not sure where you saw that price, Scotts site has the 3L mountains for $130. before tax and shipping.

You’re right, I misread the mountains, but I was correct about the InZin price. Thanks for the correction

Harvey makes good juice… couldn’t resist the Barbera… I’m broke, you bastards

Had a 3L of the 2006 Mouontain Zin, opened in 2013. It had aged nicely and was drinking well. It disappeared from the decanters as fast as I could fill from the bottle. Definitely looking at another bottle.

Hi Everyone,
Always fun to be back on woot. For those of you that have been in my cellar recently, you know I’m over loaded with big bottles. Wine Drew saw an opportunity and said,“No problem, I’ll help you with that”. So now you can stock up for the holidays.
Yes, the Whispering Vine and the Jana Cathedral are the exact same wine. The back labels are the same, only the front is different. I bottled this wine for a private account and then they didn’t take the wine. It was my fault. Once I realized the cost for the etching the cost got too high for the account to be able to take it.

I bought a Cathedral 3L in November of 2012 here and it was wonderful. Can I ask how this has been stored since then?

Also, am I understanding correctly that the Whispering Vine bottles are etched also?

I already bought a 3L of each so you don’t have to lie… LOL

Morning Scott!

Much time is spent in Scott’s cellar having strategy sessions!

Just to let ya’ll in on a secret, Jana really loves the 08 Red Label Syrah

I have dinner quite a lot with the Harveys and her eyes just sparkle when she talks about that wine.

Got me a 3L Cathedral for some wedding-related event (or maybe anniversary party given its longevity). Any chance the Cathedral Mags can be price matched with the (now gone) Whispering Vine I was about to buy?

Amazon payment or not, looks like everyone’s in the buying mode right now.

x-post from the "new…buy now " thread.
Anyone else having issues purchasing? I have been going through a never-ending loop of click the “buy now”, sign in to amazon payments, then sign in to woot, which takes me to my account “connections” page, and not to any cart or whatever to actually go through the purchase process. I’ve been doing this for close to 10 minutes now… no SH large formats for me! And yes, I have used different browsers and all sorts of stuff, and it DID work the other day for the JanKris offer.

So sad that I couldn’t purchase the 11 barbera, and still can’t buy any others, since I have been stuck in this endless loop for over an hour. :frowning:

And now the 2011 Barbera is gone…I was still contemplating that one! Unless it’s “sold out” while the tech folk are working on the system again.

Haven’t tried, but just had to do the Captcha for the first time to post this. … A big one is tempting. I’d have to find a reason to use it!

Let me know if you’re too sick to “work” sometime.

I don’t think they sold any. Note that there are NO sales stats for that offer. Could the Woot elves check this out?