Scott Harvey Large Format Wines

Yeah me…I got th 2011 barbera. I was sad to see the 2010 gone by the time I got up…I’m trying to decide if I want to share this during thanksgiving this year or wait until next year.

Wow, small numbers on this sale! Looks to be 7x Cathedral 3L, 5x Whispering Vine Mag, and 17x pairs of 2011 Barbera! No wonder they vanished with no warning :tongue:

Wonder if Scott has more/will make more available.

Was able to pickup a 3L… now if someone could help me figure out how to pour it without spilling… :happy::snob:

More Barbera mags and Jana Cathedral 3Ls showing available on
I REALLY wish I had been able to purchase the Barbera… stupid amazon payments bugs.

Glad I jumped on the pair of the '11 Barbera when I did!

Good eye! Or maybe the Woot Elves stole it for themselves! (hehe don’t ban me for life!) I’m happy I impulsively bought the 2011 this morning too.

yea, a little hick up there. sorry for the tease.

also, with the small quantities, any chance we can get signed bottles? I can add to my SH/JH signed bottle collection!

So are there any to be had or not? Still no sales. I don’t see SH ever offering a 2010 for that barbera so maybe that is the problem.

ohh I like that idea, I wish I had them sign stuff when we were there…

The wines have been stored in my cellar under our house here in St. Helena. Both the Jana and Whispering Vines are silk screened and signed.

Just got back from a day of hauling our J&S Reserve Barbera grapes from Amador to the winery here in St. Helena. Will be back up there tomorrow for the Vineyard 1869 Zinfandel. The Napa Jana Cathedral will be coming in this Friday.
All the 3 liters are already signed. I’ll go through and sign all the magnums before we I take them over to Woot’s warehouse.

!! That’s awesome! Not only do I get to try some more of your awesome wine, but I get my '11 Barbera magnum signed?! I thought your cab was excellent and Burgundy was really good. I’ve never tried the Barbera and I’m looking forward to it.

Glad to hear that harvest/transport is going well.

Even more glad to hear the awesome signing. Thanks, Scott!!!

That’s awesome, Scott! Thank you!

Wow you are up early!!! :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for signing the bottles!!

Sold! :slight_smile:

Scott, PM for you…

How long do people wait after receiving a shipment of wine before drinking? I used to pop one fairly soon afterwards, but I really think the wine does need to settle some to be it’s best. So, how long is long enough?


When I go the Reno to work the market with our distributor, I always ask the distributor to pull samples form their inventory, rather than bring up samples from St. Helena. You are right, the wine is effected by shipment.
After receiving a shipment from Woot, I like to give it two to three weeks in my cellar to settle down before trying a bottle.