Scott Harvey Mixed Red (5)

Scott Harvey Mixed Red 5-Pack
$74.99 $174.00 57% off List Price
2 2006 Early Burgundy, Napa Valley
2 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Hills, Lake County
1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Interesting … Scott, what are the varietals in the Early Burgundy?

And of course, how long can each cellar for? :wink:

Oh these look good! What’s the drinking window on these? Is that Early Burgandy going to hold? 3.7 pH seems on the higher side for a longer lived wine.

There are offers, and there are offers!
This one begged for the big yellow button.
Never seen an “Early Burgundy” from Scott. And a 2007 Cab with the sleeper 2006 vintage.

I can’t imagine we won’t be getting TN’s and chatter on this one.
Lake Co. fruit; tell us more.

Sell out prediction time?

Cost me.

OK, now that I’ve bought these…

What on Earth are they? These are Scott Harvey wines I have never seen before. They do not exist on his website, and are wines I have never seen in some four years of membership in the wine club. Is this a Woot Launch? What is going on?

Looking pretty good! Scott, tell me that person to get a hold of who can make the magic happen when Amazon won’t.

Ohhh…would’ve been killer to have two bottles of the 2007 Napa cap for a great six pack, but this is looking like a very good five pack!

Scott how’s the 2007 cab drinking now?
How long can these all be cellared?
I’ve had some great Red Hills Wines, what style is this and how’s it drinking?

hot damn! was patient enough to wait for something to get along with the hughes syrah

+1. Still love SH wines - still live in MN…

The varietal in Early Burgundy is… Early Burgundy!

It’s embarrassing how extremely helpful that is.

sdfreedive is first to ask, “What’s the drinking window on these?”

Really? The “first”?

TT, I call shenanigans!!!

Thanks! Hadn’t heard of it!

Anyone want to spare a bottle of it from their order?

My first reaction on seeing only the picture: great! More white label Zin, Syrah, and Barbera! Then I saw the varietals and went wtf.

Scott, help us out here! Did you make these yourself? Where’d you source the grapes?

Just drank a 2008 white label Barbera tonight. Awesome stuff.

Hmmm. Just ordered two (blindly at this hour as we haven’t heard TNs or from Scott), but realized we must have slipped into an $8 summer shipping mode since my order last Sunday. Yikes. That and taxes are taking quite a bite out of my wine buying, but I’m sure, if it’s SH, it will be worth it. Somebody tell me I’m right!

I had an almost identical reaction, can’t wait to hear more about these wines…

Dude, I was snoring away at that time. Don’t blame me for everything. And he was the first in this thread. The quality post was for this thread. Therefore, it is technically correct.

PS: I hate the word shenanigans.
PPS: Is double spacing better or worse than ALL CAPS?

This is an auto-buy! Early Burgundy is something of a rarity, and worth trying for that reason alone, without even getting into Scott’s wonderful winemaking.

Scott’s Cabs are always excellent and worth seeking out.

The 2006 is a super limited production and should be fun. 2006 gets less praise as it was sandwiched between two really good years in 2005 and 2007, but some of the 2006s are lovely.

The 2007 - only complaint is there is only one bottle in the order…

I believe Klez had mentioned a difference between the red and white labels.

Red=New World style
White=Old World

Is this correct? Not that I can order from here anyway…