Scott Harvey Mixed Red (5)

Scott Harvey Mixed Red 5-Pack
$79.99 $144.00 44% off List Price
2 - 2013 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County
2 - 2013 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zinfandel, Amador County
1 - 2013 Three Stags California Red Wine Blend

This really isn’t fair, Woot. I bought the Wellington case. I passed on the Woot-branded Pedroncelli, but only because I convinced myself I already had too many corkscrews. And now this.

I recently drank some of my 2009, 2010, and 2011 Scott Harvey Barberas and Zinfandels, and they define exactly what I look for in a red: fruity, rich, and a lovely long smooth finish. If you’re a fan of wines from the chianti region of Italy, or perhaps Malbecs from Argentina, these are worth buying. Actually, the only time I would recommend not buying these is if you’re a huge peppery Shiraz fan or you don’t want to ruin the vast majority of California Zins for yourself forever. I wish they were 14/bottle, instead of 16, but I’d pay 20. Just don’t tell that to Scott…

Dude…Scott reads these :tongue:

Pictured is the 2004 Barbera. Are we getting that or the 2013?

Now that you mention it. The Three Stags and Zin both pictured are 2012 while the specs say 2013.

Child (crying): Where are the holiday presents?
Parent (mumbling):
^…Scott Harvey, Peter Wellington, Pedroncelli, Woot-Off…

Another rpm AUTOBUY. Buy it. Scott’s wines are perennial favorites, esp. his Amador Zins and Barberas!

There are 2 wine producers on here that everyone always raves about…Wellington and Scott Harvey and both would have been buys for me. Why Nebraska why can you not be relevant enough to allow for these producers to get a shipping license so I can buy these wines in Nebraska. Argh!

Go with the specs. Sometimes bottles of the vintage offered aren’t available for photos.

You will get 2013 bottles

Pennsylvania now allows cases of wine to be delivered to private addresses. When can we expect woot! to update their shipping rules?

Agree with the above - Woot is really rolling out the hits.

This collection really has some treats- we were especially impressed with the new Three Stags ‘new world’ style.

Love the Zins too! If you don’t have these, give them a go.

I wasn’t a fan of the Three Stags, but the Barbera is fantastic.

No South Carolina on this one? :frowning: Generally I can ship wine from Woot! there.

There’s more stuff that has to be considered once a law passes. We will sell for shipment to PA when we are able.

You can have your wish, the Barbera is available at Total Wine for 13.99, less if you’re buying six bottles of any wine at a time.

Wow, going to need a bigger cellar for this one! And can’t pass up $0.04/bottle shipped either!

Since this is a 5 pack can I request a filler item for the 6th slot in the box. I could use another corkscrew or wine bag.